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Why is my dog biting his butt?

I normally don't look at his butt (why would I) but I took a look since it has been several days of butting looks like the top part of his butt is a little swollen. No bite/sting marks, normal coloration and normal pooping. Do you think maybe his anal glands need to be expressed at the groomer (is that the right term)?

Re: Why is my dog biting his butt?

  • I think impacted anal glands are a good bet.
  • image Mrs.Hizzo:
    I think impacted anal glands are a good bet.

    Yup.  I'd actually go to the vet instead of the groomer, just in case they are really bad.  Molly has to get hers done every few months.


    Happy Spring!.
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  • Ah, we have to go to the vet anyways so I guess I'll get it looked at then. He has never had this problem before & diet hasn't changed....weird!
  • Oh, and the only reason I said to go to the vet is that I think they can do a better job than the groomer at getting in there.  :)  I didn't want you to think that I thought something was wrong. 

    Molly needs her anal glands done at every visit, and she never gives any indication.  I always feel like a neglectful dog mom when the vet asks again if we're sure she hasn't been scooting or licking at her butt.  

    Happy Spring!.
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  • Definitely go to the vet, the way you are describing that the swelling is at the top of his anus does not fit the location of his anal glands (they are at 4 and 8 o'clock) I'm not saying that the anal glands are not the issue, but the vet will be able to determine if it is anything to be concerned.

    Good luck

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