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king bed in a 12x13 bedroom?

Do you think it'd be way too big?  The king dimensions are 6'4"x6'8", so it'd give us about 3 ft on either side of the bed, and 6' at the end.  The closet is small, but there is a 4th br next door that we'll turn into a master bath + closet, so we should have enough storage room.  I think at the foot of the bed the 6' would give us enough clearance for a low and long dresser.


I really want a king... we've had a full forever, but w/ baby #2 we'll have a 3rd in the bed again, and I don't want to push her out just b/c we're lacking space.  That's what we did w/ DS when he was 15mo, and he did OK, but I think he could have benefited from a few extra months w/ us.  He still came into our bed in the morning until he was 2 and started sleeping later.  A queen is only 6' wider than our full.

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Re: king bed in a 12x13 bedroom?

  • If all you are doing in there is sleeping, it's possible, but not really fun at all.  Rocky and I used to live at a ski resort and we had a queen bed with about 2ft on one side, 3ft on the other, and about 3-4ft at the foot.  If you really want to do it, I'd keep everything really light.  Have a minimalist style bed with open air space under the bed (no storage, you can see right across), very simple and light nightstands or just tables, and some simple, light decor.  By light I mean in color, but also featherlike.  You're still going to find yourself crawling over the bed a lot instead of just walking around it because it's so imposing, but as long as you keep it simple and have the right personality to be able to handle tight spaces, it's possible.  I'd be very sure to keep it purely a sleeping room though.  Nothing else goes in that room but the bed and night stands.
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  • It sounds like you have a plan to make it work. A good night's rest is esential so if you are okay with not having a lot of space in the bedroom, I'd do it.
  • That's exactly the size of my our room and we have a king.  I use floating shelves next to the bed as nightstands and have 1 chest of drawers.  It works and I never have to crawl over the bed, there is plenty of room to walk around.
  • junojuno
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    We have a tiny house, so we couldn't fit a king in if we wanted.  However, we do have a queen with 3' on one side and the end, and only 1.5' on the other side Surprise.  It's not the end of the world.  We have tons of windows, and with the curtains open, it feels like the room opens up to the back yard.  There's certainly no space for other furniture, clutter or activities outside of the bed, but we haven't been annoyed by it yet.  We have a built-in closet area, but it's small by modern standards.  We haven't built the cabinet yet, but it's the same size I had before our recent remodel.  I deal with it by having fewer things and cleaning out my closet more often.

  • Our bedroom is 12x13 and we have a king size bed, an extra wide dresser and two wider than average nightstands. I don't think it feels cramped. We're going to add a bassinet for baby #2 when he/she's born too.

    There are pics in my blog if you'd like to see...  

  • Hey, Jen! Congrats on #2 and the new place - all very exciting.

    Our "master" bedroom is a mere 11.5' x 13.5' and we have a king size bed. When Grady was little, we used the cosleeper and while it wasn't spacious with it in there, it was absolutely doable. We even have space for a dresser :) For reference:

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  • Thanks everyone. :)  The placement might be somewhat awkward, b/c there are two windows near one corner, but not right by it, so it could make placing the bed difficult.  I'm going to have IL's tape out the bed on the floor and take a pic next time they are out - and measure the openings in the room. 

    Loved seeing examples - I appreciate it!

    From the door, ideally bed would go on wall of the window on the right... not sure if the closet door would still open, though.


    view of the entry door (open) and closet (shut)


    Jen & T.J. 6.17.06 BabyBlog * my chart *
    Joseph Henry was born at home on March 9, 2009
    Nora Mae was born at home on October 30, 2011
  • Our first house had that size master and the sellers had a king size bed in it. The bed seemed to overwhelm the room, but the bed was also very ornate and busy.

     I think it could work if you are very careful about the bed you choose and you pick something simple and airy. I like the iron bed posted above. I think if you pick a color that is close in tone to your walls, it will look extra light.  

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  • The master bedroom in the house we're buying is that size and they currently have a 4 poster king in there with a large dresser on the wall at the foot of the bed. There is just enough room to stand there and pull out the drawers and walk around the bed and that's it. Too tight for my taste.
  • Our master is 12x14.  We definitely could fit a king in there, but I think it would overwhelm the room.  We went with an olympic/expanded queen, and we've been happy with it.  It was the right compromise for us, as it was more room than the queen but didn't take over the room like a king would. It has left us plenty of room for our other furniture, our co-sleeper when we are using it, and fits 2 kids piled into the bed with us in the morning. The biggest downside to it is that it isn't a common size, so it is difficult to find a mattress that size let alone bedding, etc.  However, we have made do with really checking the measurements and getting regular queen and/or king bedding to work.  
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  • I think it could work. I really like the bedroom with the striped walls that one of the PPs posted. I think the key to making the room not look crowded is to purchase furniture with straight lines. Also, I think not having a footboard on your bed will make the room seem more open.
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