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Not in Kansas anymore!

So I just moved here to Tucson about a month ago. Just got married and my husband and I picked up and came here from Kansas. Definitely different here! I love it so far but have one friend. I know a few people (sister-in-law lives here with her family) but nobody in that same life stage as me. We live in central Tucson right now. Would love to make some more friends and get any advice about the Tucson area. Also want to find a good gym that isn't going to cost a lot of money. Any help is appreciated!

Re: Not in Kansas anymore!

  • Hi, I am Jessica. I too am a newly wed. I have lived in Tucson all my life but just last year moved to the east side. I felt a little uprooted for a little while. I don't know of any good gyms. I like to hike when its cooler out. I'm sure you've noticed our amazing mountains. The trails are even better! There's only a few months out of the year that its even bareable to hike in though :(
  • Hi Jessica! The mountains are so amazing! In Kansas we obviously don't have them. I feel a bit out of place here for sure. I'm still trying to find a full time job and make friends. I have a great church and my sister in law is here but longing for friendships from back home! Any advice for someone new to the area?
  • Hi! My name is Alexis. I am the same situation as you. I lived in Tucson all my life, but just moved to the Eastside as a newlywed and a new homeowner. The move was to be closer to my job, but I don't know anyone on this side of town.

    My husband goes to Platinum Fitness Gym that he seems to be happy with.

  • Hi Alexis! How far east do you live? We are thinking about buying in the next few years if we like it here. We have been told that the houses are a great price around here right now. I'll have to check that gym out!
  • I live way east! Right before Rita Ranch. Right now is a really good time to buy a home, we got ours for $115,000 for a 4 bedroom.
  • I don't know where Rita Ranch is but I will probably look it up now! That is awesome! We would really like to take advantage of this time, well if we decide to stay here. First I have to find a job then we will think about staying longer!
  • Hey!  I was born in Kansas!  All my dad's side of the family is there!  I just moved here to be with my husband (he's military so he was here before I moved).  It is a lot different than the midwest for sure!  Anyways if you want, I am having a thirty-one open house if you want to come!  I don't really know anything about the gyms here.  But there should be other girls here :)
  • Hi! I went to school there and my husband grew up there. What is a Thirty one party? I would love to come! I so much want to meet people here! My e-mail is [email protected]. Send me an e-mail with all the details!
  • Welcome to Tucson- hopefully it's been treating you well so far! My husband and I truly enjoy living here- there's a lot to do here depending on what you like. We like golfing, playing tennis, hiking with the dogs, and even snowboarding up at Mt. Lemmon in the winter. There are also a lot of cool places close by- Bisbee, Sonoita, etc! I live on the east/central side so I definitely recommend this side of town- easy access to everything and quiet enough when you want to get away from the commotion by the U of A. As far as gyms go, I recommend one of the community centers or even the YMCA- both are pretty good options and are very affordable. Hope you find a gym you like- if you're interested, I'm always up for a workout at Reid Park!
  • So far it's been great here. It's great to be able to go shopping wherever I want basically. We only had a Walmart where I lived so it's a whole new world to me here! I would love to workout with you at Reid! I live fairly close to it. I've been doing a boot camp there on MWF at 5:45 but that will be ending soon. I have asthma so right now it's pretty rough getting in shape. I'm not used to the climate here yet and I'm a bit out of shape. My e-mail is above if you want to contact me through there and we can set something up!
  • I went to school in Emporia. Lived there for 5 years. I was just in the Chandler area yesterday actually. It's definitely different from KS!
  • Welcome! Whenever you are ready to buy a home here in Tucson, feel free to start your search online at www.JonnaSellsAZ.com I am a full-time Realtor with Long Realty.
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