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How did you decorate your playroom?

We have a large playroom (19 x 12) with tons of wall space. I thought of putting up the kids artwork in there, but I don't want to just tape it or pin it to the wall. Any ideas?


Re: How did you decorate your playroom?

  • How about all white frames with a variety of brightly colored mats for the artwork?

    I love the idea of using your kids artwork in the play room! :)

    Or all different colored frames with bigger white mats... ?

  • I'm going to do an alphabet wall on my biggest wall, but I like the look of hanging clothesline/twine across a wall and hanging artwork with clothespins. That way you can change it up frequently. Or I'm thinking about doing a cork board strip around the room that I could hang artwork from. You could also do rows of those up a wall to create a larger display.
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  • Take a 2 x4, and glue clothespins along the length of it. Paint it white, and clip artwork to it!

    Ikea sells these wire things that are a curtain rod, but it's just basically a wire that runs along your wall with ring clips on it You can clip artwork to it and itlooks cute! My friend has this in her house.

    Put a grouping of frames on the wall and insert their artwork inside, rotate it out regularly.

    Hang a giant bulletin board

    Hang a grouping of clipboards painted bright colors to clip artwork onto



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  • As far as other decor, consider...

    -a growth chart

    -a set of pretty alphabet cards/flashcards - you can get ones that look vintage that are really cute!

    -I have a HUGE canvas that my daycare kids paint on. Every once in a while I bring it down and we add another layer of paint to it.

    Have you seen the melted crayon canvas that is all over the internet lately? That's cute too!


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  • just from a quick google image search there are alot of different cute options out there for easy ways to display children's artwork that can be easily changed out...

     here are a few:







  • We have a really high ceiling in our playroom and for a while I had a long rope nailed into the walls across the room. I hung all sorts of artwork on it. It was a bit of a pain to get stuff put up there but I really did it for when we painted so that I would have a place to hang the paintings to dry without them getting in the way or kids touching them. It looked really neat and the kids loved looking up and seeing all their art hanging up there.

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