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Costco shoppers: Panty PSA

Just a PSA that Costco has the best underwear right now :)

I bought a package a few months ago and went back to get more because I loved them so much. I was grabbing a pack and another girl was there grabbing some too and actually told me that she had just bought some the day before and came back to stock up because she loved them so much.

They are called it*se*bit*se and come in a pack of 5 or 6 for $9.99- they remind me of the underwear from gap body.

Anyway, super random PSA but thought I would share :)

Re: Costco shoppers: Panty PSA

  • Thanks! I have to stop in today to get an ink refill for my printer so I might pick some up.


  • I have been buying these for about a year now and I love them! 
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  • cool!  I'll have to try some.  Any issues with VPLs?

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