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Book Suggestions

I just finished my book and need suggestions for the next one.  I have read 3 books in less than 3 weeks, very unlike me....

What are you reading?

Re: Book Suggestions

  • I'm about to finish Citizen Insane.  I'm not sure who it's by.  It's kind of like the Janet Evanovich series with Stephanie Plum.  I kind of feel like it's a spin off that's not as funny but they are quick reads and I will probably read a few more.  I like series books. 
  • Have you read the Steig Larsson series? There are three and they are amazing!! If you haven't read them I highly recommend them. They are captivating and amazing!
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  • If you like slightly historical stories, I just finished "In the Garden of Beasts" and it was really good. It's based on historical letters and diaries from a family whose father became a foreign diplomat in Berlin during Hitler's rise to power. While it's not 100%, it's strung together really interestingly.
  • I just finished The Murderer's Daughters. It basically follows the life of 2 young girls and what happens to them after their father murders their mother. It's very touching and I liked how different chapters were narrated by each girl. Soo good! The author is Randy Susan Meyers.
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  • I love anything by Kurt Vonnegut. If you want to start on his books, I'd start with Cat's Cradle. It's my favorite and in my opinion a great book/gateway drug into the world of Kurt Vonnegut :) He's wonderful. I cried when he died in 2007... he was my favorite author and I had hoped to meet him later that year. 

    Chuck Palahniuk is also good, but you need to be a little twisted to get through those. I fight myself each time I read a book of his... I want to stop because it's offending me, but I fight through and I never regret that decision. They're always great... just a little hard to get to the ending. (He's the guy who wrote Fight Club, and yes... they're all that sick and twisted). 

  • Mother Night by KV would be a great second book of his to read, or an alternative first book :)
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