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It's July 31st - Pottermore

It's July 31st!  And, I totally forgot :(  If you go to it explains that each day for the next week there will be a clue and the first so many people who solve it will have early access to the site.  Today is already closed.  Anyone else going to be up all night waiting for it to open again?
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Re: It's July 31st - Pottermore

  • I totally spaced on the date, too. *sadface* I'll probably stay up tonight and give it a go.
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  • I wouldn't recommend staying up too late. I checked last night as midnight, and it wasn't there. I woke up again at 2 and checked it, and it still wasn't there. I got up again at 4am and was finally able to get the clue. I tried to register my husband as well but by the time I was done registering myself, the registration had already closed. 

     It seems like it is totally random. I hope you ladies are able to get in!  

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  • Darn, I knew there was some reason I was thinking July 31st was important!  Does anyone know if it's midnight eastern time or what?

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  • I checked at midnight PST, and nothing. Then at about 1 am, stuff started happening: I could find the quill but instead of sending me to register it would send me back to the main site. At about 2 am, I was able to register.

    I was of course googling like crazy trying to find others with similar problems. The general consensus was that the site was waiting until it was July 31st EVERYWHERE in the entire world before granting registration (silly though) so there were a couple time zones left to go after it was midnight PST. That just seems bizarre to me though.

    Good luck!

    ETA: Apparently it will be a different time each day....
    We will also be varying the time each clue is revealed ? as well as the difficulty of the clues ? to give as many people as possible a chance to register for early access. 

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  • Clue came up at 5am EST. Luckily my pregnant self has to pee every 45 minutes so I just started checking around 2am.

    Registration closed around 6ish.

    I'm waiting for my confirmation email which they say takes a while if you have a yahoo email address.

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  • I'm definitely interested in checking the site out!  But I'm not interested enough to stay up all night!  lol!  I'll wait until October!  Smile
  • I forgot to stay up Saturday night/Sunday morning. I woke up this morning around 7am Pacific to find that it had closed. I hope there's another one at a decent hour for me, but I know they have to try to be fair to everyone around the world, so I don't think the chances are very good. Plus, I'm not allowed to be on the Internet for personal use so if it's during the work day, I won't be able to try anyway.

    I guess I'll be waiting until October as well!

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