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***thatgirlang*** (BB veto winner from today, 7/30)

So did you see?  What do you think?
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Re: ***thatgirlang*** (BB veto winner from today, 7/30)

  • Sorry to interrupt but....

     Do tell! 

  • Will he save himself or her? I think Dani will choose Jeff as a replacement nom.
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  • I think he will save Rach, and Jeff will get nominated.
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  • Based on discussions between R&B after getting nominated, I think B will save R. They think she has a better shot at things if she stays and it's her "dream" to win the game and use the money for her "dream wedding". (She says "dream wedding" all the freaking time. "Don't you think I deserve a dream wedding Brendon?" *pout face* ha anyway...) B was also making promises to her that he would behave when he went home. So I guess that means no more Skype for him Stick out tongue

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  • Hi!!! Yes, I definitely think he will save Rachel. As for who will go up, my first guess is Jeff BUT I think I read that Dani made a one week deal with J&J?? So IDK.... POV ceremony is tomorrow.. we'll see!
  • It sounds like Brenchel are telling the other HGs that Brendon is going to save himself.  Although he is actually going to save Rachel.  I am also read that J/J have a 1 week deal with Dani and Jordan has agreed to go up against Rachel (so they think) as a pawn.  Of course that entire plan could change 100% by tomorrow.
  • I hope that Jordan and Jeff see one of them being put up as a pawn as an end to the one-week deal with Dani.  They would be beyond stupid to let Dani slide by a week.  I could honestly see her putting together a run of wins.  I am also hoping that Dom doesn't come back into the game.  Cassi would be better because she would align with Shelly/Jeff/Jordan.

      Unfortunately, I think that Kalia will win HOH next week.

    I do think that Brendon's going to take off Rachel, which is dumb. The latest rumor I heard is that Dani was thinking about putting up Porsche as a replacement nom.  Wouldn't that be risky, though?  I could see Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel voting out Porsche, leaving them a mere one vote shy.  No, Shelly would vote out Porsche, too.

    Romney-Portman 2012 ORGAN DONOR: DEAL WITH IT. :-) :-)
  • I think the only way to ensure that Brendon goes home is to put up another veteran (Jeff or Jordan) to make sure their set of votes are split. Otherwise, everyone on their side would vote to keep Brendon (including over Porsche or Shelly obviously). I think using J or J as a pawn would be breaking their deal, too as a PP mentioned.  But Dani doesn't have the votes otherwise.

    After 12 cycles TTC and two losses, our baby boy is here!

    Born in the water, 04.12.12 at 1:04am. 7 lbs 11 oz and 19.5 in.

    Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, Babywearing Mama
  • Hmmm.... on last night's BBAD Brendon told Dani that he's decided to take himself off the block because he's stronger than Rachel and has a better chance of winning. He and Rachel are trying to get Dani to put Lawon up so she can stay. Dani says she thinks he'd have the votes to stay but she didn't come close to saying she'd put him up anyway. They told Dani that if she makes it so that all 4 of them stay (them and J&J) she'll have 4 people that trust her again. If not, she's basically done.
  • I think Brendon's lying about taking himself off the block.  He's taking Rachel off and hopes that if he shocks Dani she'll make a dumber decision with the replacement nominee.

    I do believe that Dani's basically done in the game, probably next week, and can't win even if she gets to the end.  I don't think the vets will want to vote for her, and that's 3 votes against her. (Brendon won't make jury.) Her rival in the final 2 will only need 2 more to win.  I'm assuming there's a jury of 9.

    I just hope Kalia doesn't win HOH next wk.

    Romney-Portman 2012 ORGAN DONOR: DEAL WITH IT. :-) :-)
  • POV ceremony results are in..................spoiler below
































    He saved Rachel. Jordan is on the block. Sad

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