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Jeldwen or Simonton windows reviews

We are building and are trying to figure out windows. We have reviewed many of them and are down to Simonton or Jeldwen. Anyone have either of these windows and do you love or hate them?

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Re: Jeldwen or Simonton windows reviews

  • Our windows were replaced with Simonton and we've been very happy with them.  What a difference when it comes to the amount of heat coming in through the windows when it's sunny!!
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  • We don't have them, but based on our neighbor's experience, we have considered Simonton.  It is pretty much the only window her installer uses now...they said that they used to offer more but they were so impressed by Simonton that they stopped offering others unless someone really insists, or needs something that they can't get from Simonton..
  • We have JeldWen and we really like our windows. We didn't get their higher end windows though.

    When we bought the house the original 45 year-old wood windows were still there and all except 2 were calked shut. We didn't feel safe (and the air in the house was so stale!) not being able to escape from most rooms because of the windows not opening so we had to replace 12 windows at one time. We had not planned on such a big expense right after purchasing our house so we bought their cheapest windows at the time (it came out to just over $100 per window and we installed them ourselves to save money). They are so much more energy efficient than the older windows we took out and our heating and cooling bills are better than what the previous owners were getting.

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  • Thanks ladies. I will let Dh know these reviews. . We need about 25 windows so its stressful that we make the right decision but from the reviews I have gotten I don't think we would go wrong with either one of these brands.
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  • Every window company has varying levels and quality of windows. If you get the lowest, builder grade windows of almost any window company you run the risk of having issues. Probably not issues today or tomorrow. 

    HOWEVER, I've read and talked with our builder about windows and he said that 90% of issues that occur with windows regardless if they are the cheap line or the most expensive line come from the windows being installed incorrectly.

    In our rental home, which is new construction (albeit a house half the quality, price/size as of that we are building) and the windows are Jeldwin. They are the cheapest line available - and I can tell. So at first when our builder for custom construction recommended Jeldwin - I was completely against it. But then he explained that the line that he would use is higher quality than the standard line. 


  • Of those options you have listed Jeldwin is worse than Simonton.  But can I ask why you are only looking at vinyl windows?  I would seriously reconsider aluminum clad wood windows if this is a house you plan to be in for more than 10 years.  Have you looked at Marvin?  They have the best bang for your buck.  Very high quality windows with a price tag that is lower than Pella and Anderson.  We just installed 4 new Marvin windows today. 

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