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Picking out colors for a whole house!!

I am overwhelmed to say the least.  I love colors and I want to choose colors that I will be satisifed with.I am using SW paint.  My ideas are as follows:

Foyer, living, stairway-  a muddy blue/grey blue

Dining, study- Dovetail

Kitchen- a green

Master bed- light blue

Master bath- grey blue

Kitchen- coral, or something bright and fun

Daughters room- purple

Jack and Jill bath- green

Playroom- ??

Upstairs bed, bonus- thinking a beige or dovetail

Powder- chocolate brown

Ok, I know this is vague and you haven't see the layout of the house so its hard to vision it.  Any tips, recommendations, etc. Feel free to post pics.

Re: Picking out colors for a whole house!!

  • Foyer, living, stairway-  a muddy blue/grey blue- SW Samovar Silver

    Dining, study- Dovetail- SW Downy

    Kitchen- a green- Need more of an idea what you're looking for.  Light, dark?

    Master bed- light blue- SW Hinting Blue

    Master bath- grey blue- SW Upward (I just bought this color for my master bedroom, but I haven't painted it yet.)

    Kitchen- coral, or something bright and fun- Do you have 2 kitchens?  Above you asked for a green color.

    Daughters room- purple- SW Enchant

    Jack and Jill bath- green- SW Baize Green

    Playroom- ??- How many kids do you have and what is the gender?

    Upstairs bed, bonus- thinking a beige or dovetail- SW Diverse Beige

    Powder- chocolate brown- SW Garret Gray

    These are just my ideas.  I have a color deck for SW and when through it looking at the colors and these are the colors that stood out to me.  Good luck painting your house!  We've been in our "new" house for 10 months and we have only painted 4 rooms, we have plenty more to paint.

  • Thanks,  I meant for the second kitchen to say Laundry.  I told you I was overwhelmed :)

    I have one child and its a girl.  Thanks again. 

  • This is probably not what you want to hear, but I really wished that I chose more cohesive colors for our house.  When we first bought I was SO excited that I painted everything a different color.  On paper, the colors looked great together, but in reality, it was just too much.

    I've since painted most of the house over again.  If I had to start fresh, I probably would have grabbed a SW paint swatch and painted rooms from the different colors on the swatch.  Sounds boring, but that way you are able to bring color in with accessories.

  • I have thought about that.  My main concern is my living area/kitchen.  Its all open so I am thinking I need to paint it all the same or a similar color.  I want to do the living area a grey/blue.  I was originally thinking green for my kitchen but I am worried that won't flow.
  • I agree with pp that I would go for a more cohesive color scheme. Your daughter's room and the playroom can be a little more out there, but I would try to reign in your color choices a bit more.
  • I don't think your color ideas are all that out there, like pps are saying.  

    I can see a nice flow, (other than the laundry room-lol), and I feel that only the open, public living spaces need to flow.  The private rooms can really be anything you want, since they don't affect the general public.

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