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makeup ?: bare minerals vs. M.A.C. powders

Anyone try both?  I have been using bare minerals for years but now that everyone seems to have powder equivalents I'm wondering if there is something better, etc. I'll take any input.  I would prefer it to be a powder foundation and something that won't feel oily by the days end.  SPF is a bonus but not necessary as I tend to wear sunscreen routinely.  TIA!


Re: makeup ?: bare minerals vs. M.A.C. powders

  • I actually used MAC but switched to Bare Minerals - mainly because MAC made me break out if I didn't wash my face every.single.night.  I didn't love Bare Minerals because it is kind of messy so I ended up switching to PUR Minerals and I really like it.  I think the color actually matches my skin better than the MAC colors did and I can leave it on my face at night and not break out.  It's also a compact, like MAC so it's less messy than Bare Minerals.  It does have SPF, and I've started using the primer because I felt like all of the powder makeups were starting to settle in my pores and beginnings of wrinkles - the primer gives an overall smother finish.  Even using both it feels pretty light and not greasy at all.  HTH!
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  • That does help, thank you.  I'll look into pur minerals as well.  I like bare minerals for the same reasons, less breakouts, can fall asleep in it without feeling like it's going to have a neg. effect on my skin, etc.  Plus, I'm super pale, which is always a makeup issue, and their lightest color works well.  Because I'm not a real makeup person I wasn't sure if there was anything new or better, etc.  Thanks again!
  • You have to be careful with other brands - most use "filler mineral" to make their makeup go further for less money. Watch out for Bismuth as an ingredient. BareMinerals used this until a several years ago when they found out it broke people out.
    However, here's a makeup line that's the equivalent to BareMinerals but a lot cheaper. It's hypoallergenic just like BM & the same exact colors & ingredients are used. Sheer Bare Minerals makeup gives you 30g of makeup for $11.99 & BareMinerals makeup is 16g for around $35. Go to www.etsy.com/shop/MineralFace it's all natural, organic mineral makeup for less! If you've used BareMinerals, you will love this one, as it's the EXACT same but 2x the makeup for 1/3 the cost!
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