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Paint color regret.

After living in a house with absolutely NO natural light for 3 years, I freaked out on the dark green paint we picked for the kitchen and had them lighten it.  And now I hate it.  And I feel solely responsible, because it's my freak out.  Anyone have any paint color regrets?  Did you grow to love it or hate it even more?  How did you remedy it?
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Re: Paint color regret.

  • I painted our office a light gray-  and it's a little too purple for my taste. I am just living with it for now.   Plan to paint over it next summer.

    Can you paint it again?? 

    My favorite paint mix-up screw-up happened when I was 6...!!  We were going on vacation, and my dad had hired some painters to paint our bedroom (my sisters would have been 16 & 18). This bedroom was HUGE. He just told them the color at the top of the strip of samples.   This is way before the days of iphones and such. When we got home it was a deep, bright, sunny yellow instead of a soft, very pale yellow! We lived with it.  

    The funny thing is, 2 years later when my brothers paid me $5 to switch rooms with them (seemed like a good deal to me), they never changed it.  We finally painted it when I was 13... and my sister who was 23 picked everything out, even though she was engaged and getting married the next year (i think she bought everything, too, though).  Needless to say- I was super excited to paint our house). 

  • We can paint over it, it's just that we just paid so much money to get the house painted that I feel silly.  We either need to go much darker or much lighter.  We agreed to wait 6 months and try to live with it, I just don't feel good about it. 

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    RIP Dr. Irving Fishman - 10/1/19-7/25/10 - thank you for holding on for me.
    You made my wedding day complete.

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  • try to use accessories around it to dull down/brighten up the color so it doesnt bother you as much. and wait for a few months at least. you've only been at your house for this last week, the color might grow on you. we still havent painted half the rooms in our house becaues we havent been able to pick the right colors, and im not even sure about the colors we did paint 1.5 years ago!

     just be patient, so long as the paint job was done well, thats all that matters. let the color sit and see how much you still hate it in a month or two :) 

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  • I like the idea of using lighter accessories.  Its a very new house to you and (if I remember correctly) a house you plan on keeping for a long time.  For your kitchen I'd try making sure you're getting plenty of natural light in and also making sure the kitchen is well lit.  Try putting a light colored tablecloth on the table to brighten it up.
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  • I wanted a nice light gray color for both bathrooms in our new house. I picked the color "smoke." On the color table it was the perfect gray. When I put it on the walls, it is totally blue. Not at all what I had in mind. For our master bath, I just bought a shower curtain and bath rug with some blues and bronzes in it to match the walls and faucets and it's ok, but I still wish it was gray :(
  • I also picked a gray for my office...   it also looked perfect...  but... looks like a lavender (like that little stuffed animal on the bump ad to the right (not the frog or the duck, hippo?).  I decided to live with it (since I still have another room to paint, and lots of baseboards & stuff!).  If I still hate it in a year, I'll change it. I returned the rug I originally planned on using b/c it made the room look more purple & bought one that tones down the purpleness!



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