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needing to vent

I'm having a very frustrating day. As usual some stupid delay is causing Derek to no longer come home from several weeks of training tomorrow, and we have no idea when exactly he'll be home now.

On top of that, I'm going home to PA next month, and flights are crazy beyond expensive...I'm so excited to see my family...but no happy about how much it's going to cost to get there! GRRR stupid airlines!

Sorry girls. I know I'm probably being stupid, but I really needed to tell someone about my frustration today. Thanks for listening! 

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Re: needing to vent

  • I don't think you are being stupid at all! I'd be frustrated with those things too. 

    My family also lives far from me (not as far as yours, but still) and it's not far enough to warrant a flight, but far enough that a drive is a pain when we want to visit; because of the annoying drive we rarely see one another, which I hate.

    Big ::hugs:: from me to you and from my LO to yours.... hope you find something to cheer you up soon! 


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  • I'm sorry Val!! I know it's super frustrating for Derek not to be coming home when you thought he was going to. Hopefully it's only a couple days delay.

    And I totally feel you on the flights. We want to go visit my parents at some point but flights are just so expensive....it's ridiculous! DH wants to go see his brother for his 30th bday this year and I just looked at flights...and they're over $500! Eeek!

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  • I can see why you are frustrated! sorry to hear about the delay for Derek. I'll keep my fingers crossed he gets home to you quickly.

    That sucks about the flights. Did you try switching days of week to see if they are any different??? hope it works out for you girl, keep your head up!

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