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Thoughts on Nashville?

Hi All! 

There is a decent possibility DH's job may take us to Nashville sometime within the next 2 years.  For those who currently live (or have ever lived) in Nashville, how would you describe your city? 


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Re: Thoughts on Nashville?

  • Oh, I dunno, pretty much the best city in the country and I never want to live anywhere else ;)

     ETA: I'm guessing you want actual details. Large city with small-town feel, easy to get to the countryside within 20 minutes from downtown, super, super friendly. More churches per square mile than any other city in the country, but considered liberal by Tennessee standards. Still fairly conservative though. Very liveable. We really do love it here.

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  • My only complaints are the lack of snow and interesting architecture.  Like pp said, it's a very small town feel with big city convenience.  Sometimes it gets a little too "southern" for my taste, but that's partly just where I work.  There are a lot of things to do here and it's a beautiful place.
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  • We moved here from Michigan nearly 3 years ago.  I love it here. It feels like home. Like someone else said, it's nice to be able to have city/suburbs/farmland all within 20 minutes of each other.  People are nice, there's decent restaurants and shopping is good (green hills has some great stores and they're supposed to be getting a Nordstrom soon!) There are many affordable yet still nice areas to live in (and of course some not so nice ones) and the economy hasn't been hit QUITE as hard as many other places which is good. 
  • Gosh....I wouldn't consider Nashville or surrounding areas liberal at all. We are still very much a red state. It is the buckle of the Bible belt, but I don't consider that a bad thing either. Believe it or not though, Nashville is on the top 10 list for violent crime. The main areas downtown are nice & fairly safe, but if you venture a block or so out of the way I would be careful.

    ?Lots of live music venues, which is what I like about Nashville. People are friendly. I have never been a huge fan of shopping or eating in fancy restaurants, so that's not a big deal for me. I like much simpler things.

    ?I live about 25 minutes south in Franklin. I used to love it....it was all lush farmland.....but now it is getting very developed & crowded. I am pretty much a small town kind of girl & very southern.

    I know Wilmington is a small & charming little town on the beach. :D

  • amykevin, from what I understand our violent crime ranking is skewed by the amount of gang on gang violence. I can't remember where I read that, but it was a pretty well-researched article. What do you think? I'm not saying nothing bad ever happens to good people here, but if you stay away from the few bad areas of town, I'd say it's an extremely safe city.

    I definitely agree with you about the Franklin thing. Every time I see a beautiful field I wonder how long it's going to be around. McMansions everywhere. Makes me want to puke.

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  • Thanks for the info!  Wilmington definitely has a small-town feel, but it is also a smaller city than Nashville.  I was born & raised in NC, but DH and I are both fairly liberal and hope we will be able to find our niche there.  We do like music, but unfortunately I'm not a fan of country music.  I hear there is a great variety there, though. 

    I appreciate everyone's answers!  If we end up heading that way, expect me to visit this board more often for ideas :)


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  • I think Nashville is fairly liberal COMPARED to the rest of the south and even TN.  More so right near the city or in the more trendy areas of Green Hills, West End, Belle Meade Hillsboro Village, etc.  People are very "cool" there and on the up and up.  As you go a bit further out that changes a little though.  There are churches EVERYWHERE, which took me awhile to get used to, but for the most part none of it is very in your face.  And after about a year I stopped getting that annoying question of "what church do you go to?"

     There is plenty of other music besides country :)

  • It is not so much gang violence as it is due to the high rate of homeless people here. Gang violence is not that bad here compared to other areas. But there are a LOT of homeless people here....they like to camp out along the river & often will approach people for money...especially more along the outskirts of town. I did an internship for NPD while I was working towards doing law enforcement before DH came around.....and that was always a huge problem. Just FYI. Many people are shocked how many of them there are around.?
  • There is a huge market here for rock & blues....and pop is making it's way here since producers are slowly moving here from LA. I love Wilmington! :D
  • We moved to Nashville 3 years ago. I've lived in the northeast for most of my life and in CA for a few years before moving here. DH and I love it -- for us, it's a perfectly sized city. There is enough going on so that you're never bored, yet you don't feel like you're lost in a metropolitan area. And with Vanderbilt right here, you get that "college town" atmosphere. It's constantly evolving.

    People have been so nice and welcoming since we've moved here. I really can't complain.



  • Oh, and I agree with the others - there is so much more to Nashville than just country music.


  • We LOVE Nashville. Well, we live in the suburbs (Mount Juliet), but we are from the West Coast (So. Calif and Las Vegas) and we can't imagine ever moving away from here. We're here to stay for the long run. Super friendly, cost of living is great, 4 seasons, lots of events going on - festivals, fairs, sports teams, concerts...
  • I really love Nashville. ?I'm from a teeny tiny community in KY, but Nashville feels just as much like home. ?As everyone said, it's really got the small-town feel. ?There's lots of little communities. ?I like the fact that I can run into friends or acquaintances pretty frequently but it took an entire year for me to run into this person from high school I'd rather NOT run into, who lives here too. There's lot going on in the entertainment industry here, and it's pretty easy to get tickets to a tapings and stuff. ?And there is TONS of non-country music to see. ?The parks are nice, the restaurants are good. ?I swear, the drivers seem really nice too.


    Oh, and we have the TITANS!?

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