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My ass is chapped.

My new neighborhood has a pool, and I have invited my mom to come over several times to swim.  Last weekend, my brother found out she does this and said "Would it be alright if (SIL and niece) came over to swim?"  I said sure, that would be ok.  So he turns to SIL and says, "Why don't you go over Saturday, I have a meeting then anyway." 

So ass chapping #1 - they invited themselves over and basically told me when they were coming.

So today SIL emails my mom and asks what time they're coming over. 

Ass chapping #2 - she won't even communicate with me about this, she asks my mom.

So basically I have people showing up tomorrow to swim, and I didn't even get to say anything about it.  My mom felt all bad about it but I can't really tell them not to come now or else I'll look like a jerk.  I will be more quick in the future to head them off at the pass, but right now I'll just sulk.

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Re: My ass is chapped.

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