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I need a new

Anyone know of a job hiring?  Problem is I need to make what I make now as a teacher....slightly over 40k. 

I'm sick of being disrespected, told !#[email protected]%#, and breaking up fights.

Re: I need a new

  • I won't be much help but I just wanted to wish you luck.  I know how bad it can be when you are dissatisfied with your job.  The job before my current one was awful.  Not in the same way as yours but I was being disrespected too only by adults! 

    Do you still want to teach or are you looking for something completely different?

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  • I know it would be a bit of a drive for you, but have you considered St Tammany? The kids at my school are disrespectful from time to time, but nothing as extreme as what you are dealing with every day.
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  • We're putting our house up for sale soon and will relocate to the Covington area but I don't want to commute right now b/c I have no time with my son as it is.

     I have a few ideas but can't move until Alex gets covered by DH's insurance and that happens mid-November.

  • Hey, this is what is available in St.Charles right now. HTH

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  • Teach the babies...not much better, but you can always put them in time out and it solves most problems. I suppose  it is little people, little problems LOL. 

    BUT, I honestly LOVE teaching the 4 yr olds.  I would not go back to the older kids if you paid me. 

    We are tossing up the idea of moving too.  However, the housing market TOTALLY sucks and we live in a new neighborhood. People who want to buy a house around us are buying the new houses.  We have had houses for sale in our neighborhood for almost a year. 

    I also do not know where we would move to, Northshore or the outskirts of Baton Rouge.  Anyhow., I feel your pain....Good luck!


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