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Happy first day of the Tour! I know you're watching it, too!

Re: ***Derky***

  • Hey There!  Haven't been over here in awhile now, but yep, I'm watching!!

    Hope you are enjoying it....I'm still not liking Contador, don't like Evan's style of defensive racing (I know it's "smart" racing, but come on--grow some balls and attack every once in awhile) and at this point, don't think any of the Americans (Horner, CVV, Levi) can pull it out this far out already.  I'm looking at stage wins and am hoping that one of the Schlecks will pull out the overall Yellow Jersey.  If a Radio Shack or Garmin guy (or George on BMC) can't win it all, they seem like nice guys.  Plus, they race with Jens and Fabian, who are both studs in my book.  :)

  • We're on the same page. I want Andy Schleck to win or just Cadel not to win. I'd like to see Tyler Ferrar win some more sprints. And of course, anything Fabian does is fabulous. DH knows I'm in love with Fabian (who isn't?).

    I can't believe how many crashes there have been this year. . .and so many bad ones at that! The guy driving the car who hit the rider in the breakaway should be in jail! 

  • Yup, I totally agree!  I don't know why, but I started crying when I saw Vino's crash--even though I don't like cheaters (and I HATE that he doped) I have a soft spot for that crazy, unpredictable guy.  Thankfully I missed the first showing of the car swerve crash because then I would have been all hot under the collar.  When I heard that one of the ESPN reporters thought it was "funny" you better believe I sent a not-so-nice submission to their offices.

    I really think an ITT early in the tour would have been a great way to sort things out a bit better in the peloton.  That and/or a longer TTT--which is my FAVORITE event ever--but this one was too short, imo.  Its really sad that so many guys have had to go home, broken!  Poor Chris Horner....I felt like THIS was going to be his year (not necessarily to win overall, but I could have seen him getting a good stage win.)  I like Tyler Farrar too, so I hope he can win another stage--perhaps on the Champs??

    We were in France in 2004 and got to see Voekhler wearing the yellow then so it's cool to see how he's riding so unbelieveably well again.  I hope he continues to defend it and doesn't end up testing positive for anything.  

    I think even my DH has a little man crush on both Fabian AND Jens.  I mean, talk about a dynamic duo!  (Granted, Jens isn't "pretty" like Fabian, but he's tough as nails!)  I really wish I knew more about their team director--or I wish I had more faith in their team director.  I kind of feel like if they had Johaan or Bjarne I'd be more positive that they have a "master plan."  (I'm sure they do, I'd just be a LOT more excited to see what it will be.)  This last week will really be interesting.  Cross your fingers one of the "good guys" gets the yellow!

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