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Anyone here used BM Hawthorne Yellow?

I got a sample of it from SW a couple days ago (along with 4 other yellows).  On the wall, I thought it looked really nice.  Of all the colors I chose to sample, it was the most consistent around the room. 

I'm a little concerned that it is going to be too bright but the room I'm painting isn't huge and doesn't get a lot of natural light.  I'm also covering chocolate brown (not sure what the previous owner was thinking) so I think the contrast from the dark color to the light color is throwing me off a bit.  I looked at some images of it on google and the color is varying quite a bit between pics.

I had 2 gallons mixed up last night and we are painting today.  We primed last night and had the primer tinted to 60% of the real color.  After seeing the primer, I'm more nervous than ever.  Has anyone else used this color?  What did you think of it?

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Re: Anyone here used BM Hawthorne Yellow?

  • I haven't used it personally, but I know years ago on the Nest it was a pretty popular color choice.

    I also remember people complaining about how they hated the color at first, but then a few days later were in love with it. Yellow is hard. I think everyone has a love-hate relationship with it.

    Case in point, my office is a shade of yellow I can't recall right now. When I first slapped it on in the bright sunny room it was like taxi cab yellow. I didn't have time for a repaint and now I love it. It looks much more gold/warm to me most of the day and esp. as it gets darker at night.

    I'd paint and give it some time.

  • I've got it in my dining room and I love it. It's very creamy and not too yellow if that makes sense.
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  • I just painted our sunroom this about 2 weeks ago, I was convinced it was too bright. I still think I would maybe do a little paler if I were to repaint (but I'm not going to). Definitely have to live with it though. I think it would be great in a room that doesn't get a lot of light.
  • We painted our kitchen that color and ended up painting over it because we wanted a more mustard color. It is a pretty yellow though!
  • We've used that color before.  If it helps, we thought it was too bright until we painted trim white.  Now it looks perfect :)
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