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Update to Fever in the morning


I just thought I would post an update because I was shocked by the results we got at the Dr today.  I decided to call this morning because he seemed a little worse this morning was extremely lethargic.  So, we took him in at 10:15.  The first thing they found were blisters on his throat so she thinks he has hand, foot, and mouth.  Then, she wants to do a strep tes

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Re: Update to Fever in the morning

  • son wanted to help.

    Anyway, she did the strep test just to rule it out, saying that it is rare for a 14-month old to have strep.  Lo and behold, it comes back positive!  She thinks he has both things because he also has a small blister on his hand! My poor baby...I am so glad I took him in though!  Now, we are doing lots of cuddling and resting.  

    On top of that, they want me to get tested because I am pregnant and they just want to be safe.  So, I will probably be heading in this afternoon.  Just thought I would let you all know because I was not expecting that outcome!

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  • That is a sucky start to the 4th of July weekend! I hope that you don't have either and that your little one gets well soon.
  • Bummer!  So glad you took him in, especially if he was worse today.  Maybe they mentioned this but HFM can be pretty painful, our pedi recommended we use Glyoxide (a mouth rinse) to help alleviate some of the pain.  You can find it at Walgreens on the self by the dental stuff.  Just a few drops to help them get some comfort in addition to any pain or prescription drugs you'll be giving. 
  • R had both of those at separate times. HFM at 5 months (lovely trip to the ER) and strep at 9 months- awful! So sorry to hear but hope on the mend soon!
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