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CA 125-Cancer Marker Bloodwork....

I had my yearly exam yesterday with Dr.Mintzer. He felt a cyst and had me do an u/s. The u/s tech said it was probably a cyst but she was going to talk to dr.M about it. (It's about 2.5inches and she said it looked like tissue/blood/and fluid.)

I get a call today from a nurse saying I need to come in today for a cancer marker test (CA125). She wouldn't really say anything (she said she just knew it was related to the cyst but hadn't talked to Dr.M directly about anything more than that).

I'm scared shitless now, of course. I'm going in this afternoon and will have results next week. Anyone else have this done or know someone who did? I refuse to google-that will worry me more! 


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Re: CA 125-Cancer Marker Bloodwork....

  • Wow- don't you love getting a cold call regarding that s#*t.  Too bad that Dr. M couldn't give you an indication of what type of further testing they may be thinking in the office, so you could process more then.  I don't know much about it, but have had a few friends had it done.  All times it came back fine, just cysts.  Good luck with all.  Will be thinking about you!
  • I haven't had it done, but hope everything turns out benign!  I don't blame you for being scared sh!tless though.  That is a scary call to get!
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  • I haven't had it done either, but I am keeping you in my prayers for benign results!  I would be scared, too.
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  • I don't know anything about it, but I hope everything turns out ok. Cancer is the worst. :(
  • image MrsT624:
    I haven't had it done either, but I am keeping you in my prayers for benign results!  I would be scared, too.

    This exactly.  Praying that it's nothing!!

  • My mom had it done a few years ago (for an ovarian cyst, i think? amazing how you can forget!).  Anyways, her cyst was a lot bigger and she had it surgically removed.  I believe her CA125 test came back in a good range so it was unlikely it was malignant so that was good to know going into her surgery.  I really don't remember many details, other than it was scary at the time, naturally, but things turned out just fine!
  • Thanks ladies! I just got back from the bloodwork. I also had a AFP done with is a tumor marker test, an LHD which is to test for damaged tissue in my ovaries and/or liver and a pregnancy test (which I find strange because I just had an u/s and my uterus was bare). Test results should be back Tuesday..until then we pray and have faith. 

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    Gia Rose Sews
  • Prayers coming your way. Please try to enjoy your holiday weekend! I know this is a lot to think about but I really believe it will be fine.
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  • I think your plan to pray & have faith sounds just right! 

    Thinking of you and looking forward to the GOOD news you will hopefully receive on Tuesday...

  • I will keep you in my prayers for good test results.  I have a friend who had this done after complaining of abdominal pain and her Gyn finding a cyst on her ovaries.  Hers came back in the fine and they said they would just keep an eye on the cyst at her yearly appointments.  
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  • Thinking about you....even though I know everything will be fine :)
  • Saying a prayer for you... try to enjoy the weekend and have faith everything will turn out fine! Keep us posted!
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  • Ugh you poor thing! I am sorry you have to worry :( I don't know anything about it but wanted you to know I am sending prayers your way.
    ~Melissa and Jeff- July 7, 2007


  • Just keep in mind it's a marker and not a definitive diagnosis.  Even benign cysts and other issues like endometriosis etc  can provide a high result.  I'm sure he's just covering his tracks but I will continue to pray for you guys. 



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  • Umm I'm REALLY glad I talked to you on the phone last night BEFORE I read this post.  You would have made me hysterical! 

    You know I'm thinking about you and will be anxiously waiting to hear back :)  Hang in there!

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