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question for those with 1-2 year olds

today is supposed to be like 110 with the heat index.  do you keep your LO inside on these hot days are is it fine to take them outside to play in the water/swim?!

just curious how you all feel about these hot days!

Re: question for those with 1-2 year olds

  • I am taking my girls to my parents pool tonight.. but they will be in the shade and in the water. I wouldn't let him play in the sun and make sure he has plenty of water to drink..
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  • thanks.  i think if you are outside being in the shade is key...


  • If they're submerged in water(and covered in sunscreen) it's fine. Otherwise yes, we stay inside because young kids don't sweat in the same way that adults do.

    We have a soccer game tonight and I'm really second guessing whether to go or not with my 3 year old.

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  • We are going to play with the water table on the deck, but it is completely shaded in the afternoon.  We won't do anything else outside today because of the heat.
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  • MrsReem- we are skipping soccer tonight for this very reason.. I don't want Ava to end up with heat exhaustion and I didn't want to make Aubrey sit in the sun either..not worth it when she doesn't really LOVE soccer anyway..

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  • I am really debating whether or not we go to soccer, but I am pretty sure Ella would be heartbroken :-( She has lost her ability to sweat too, so I am extra worried. She really wants that ribbon though ;-). I am keeping all the kids inside today though and all 4 have water with them!
  • I guess I'm less conservative than the rest.  We went to swimming lessons this morning without even thinking about it and I never considered skipping soccer tonight until you ladies brought it up.  Sophia is very good about hydrating, though, so maybe that is where I'm different.  We came inside after swimming (around 11) and will stay inside until we head to soccer at 5, but after soccer we'll be back outside for our nightly dip in the kiddie pool and walk around the neighborhood.  
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  • ss+elss+el member
    We try to get our outside play in really early or wait until our back yard has shade in the evening. That's one reason we headed to the wading pool right when it opened this morning. He got to run around for a while without getting overheated and now we're in the comfort of our AC for the rest of the day. If he gets antsy later, I'll get his water table out after dinner.
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