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Ikea Hemnes Bed?

Does anyone have it? 

I like the look of it, but I'm wondering how the quality is. Also, can I use my boxspring and mattress with it? Or do I have to get the support slats and just use our mattress??


Re: Ikea Hemnes Bed?

  • We have a Hemnes daybed that we bought about 7 years ago (one with a 3 drawer pullout below).  It's held up pretty well to occasional use (guest and a few months of us sleeping on it every night while our bedroom was remodeled).  We recently moved it up a flight of stairs and now a part of the pull out section is damaged. 

    I've found that if you leave IKEA furniture in one place it holds up fairly well.  When you take it apart and put it back together again is when it has problems. Happened with our Hemnes bed and a wardrobe my sister had.  (Our other pieces are fine.)

    I'm not sure about the boxspring vs the slats.  We use 2 matresses with ours on top of the slats when it's a daybed, and slide the second mattress next to the other when it's pulled into a king size bed.  With our daybed version, you have to get the slats or the drawers and slide-out piece won't work.

  • We have it in a queen size.  We've had it less than six months but it's holding up fine.  We are using the bed slats but eventually I'd like to get a better mattress.  I'm pretty sure that the bed came with the supports for a boxspring mattress, but you should ask a sales associate to be sure.  I had to get used to a little creaking here and there which I wasn't used to, but it's just the slats adjusting to your body weight. 

    One thing I will say is that the finish tends to scratch easily so if you have pets or kids you may want to have a touch up marker around just in case.  In our case, we have just a couple of cat claw scratches where they have used the footboard as a launch pad.  lol. 

    ETA: the sides are adjustable when you install them so you can set your mattress higher or lower depending on your preference. 

    HEMNES bed frame, black-brown Length: 79 7/8 " Width: 63 3/8 " Height: 82 1/4 " Length: 203 cm Width: 161 cm Height: 209 cm

  • We have a king size and it's been in the same place for about 2 years. We use the slatted base that came with it, but the mattress height is adjustable so you can use a box spring if you want to. 

    Also, I agree with PP who said that the finish scratches easily. We have 2 cats, and a toddler who likes to bang her toys on things, and there are plenty of spots on the foot board where it's obviously been worn. Definitely have a touch-up pen around if that sort of thing will really bug you. Personally I couldn't care less because it's not like it's an Ethan Allen bed that we're going to have forever. 

    Oh, and (this may be a bit TMI but whatevs) the bed is definitely not super solid for those intimate moments that a couple enjoys... heh heh. It tends to rock and creak. Not loud or anything, but we find that we have to tighten it up every few months. Perhaps that's just because it's a king-size, but I figured I'd put it out there anyway.

    We have an Ikea mattress on it, which is awesome by the way, but the king-size mattress we have leaves about an 8" gap between the mattress and the headboard (or foot board, depending on which end you justify it). I found that a little odd... you'd think the mattress would be a little more snug.


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