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Restaurants that deliver?

Hey ladies, I need your help.  Since we're working longer hours at my job, they've offered to start bringing in lunch for us.  It has to be fairly inexpensive, and direct delivery - like Jason's Deli type places.  (We can't use a delivery service, like Dining In.)  Each person on the team has been assigned a day of the week to order, and we get to pick the restaurant.  I have absolutely no ideas, other that Panera (today), Jason's Deli (tomorrow) and Potbelly.  My day is Friday.  I'll probably do Potbelly, but I have to think of something for every week, and those are the only three that I know of nearby.

I'm at Cityplace in Dallas, so uptown area places would be ideal, but I'm not familiar with anything there since I haven't worked in this area long.

I've tried googling, and didn't come up with anything.  I'm a google failure today.  If you can think of anywhere that would deliver, even if you aren't sure if it's close to me, I'd really appreciate the suggestions!

Re: Restaurants that deliver?

  • I don't know about specifically uptown, but there are some chain places that deliver to our offices for meetings regularly.    Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, all sorts of barbeque places.    Also McAlisters Deli if you want more sandwiches, or Boston Market, or Sweet Tomatoes.



  • I'm downtown so I think we're close enough to where these places will deliver to you. 

    I'll go grab our menu book and send you some ideas later this afternoon.  If the order total is high enough most places will work with you.

  • Thanks guys - I really appreciate it.

    Also, we're a small group - usually the order will be for 5 people, give or take one, so that makes it a little more complicated.

  • Here are some I have used in the past:

    Corner Bakery (this is my go-to usually)

    Jason's (they have gone downhill over time IMO)

    Sal's (pizza)

    Campisi's (pizza)

    Baker's Ribs

    Sonny Bryan's

    Sammy's (BBQ--probably the favorite of the attorneys here)

    Texadelphia (the attorneys love this place)


    I really wish Eatzi's delivered.  It would make my life so much easier.

  • The teammates in our department only get a 30 min lunch so delivering is an everyday thing.  We are in Coppell so nothing will work for you but a general suggestion what about chinese/sushi and italian.  There are a ton of italian places so anything from pizza to different pastas get delivered everyday.  A favorite and I know they have multiple locations just not sure where is Palios.

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