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what's for lunch?

i'm a hungry hungry hippo, as usual!

Re: what's for lunch?

  • I'm having a boring turkey sandwich with some yogurt today.....
  • I think I may trump you on the boring...I am having PB&J
  • i am having some chinese from harris teeter that i bought yesterday but didn't eat. some lo mein, an egg roll and some tofu. but i ate breakfast only like an hour ago so i probably won't get to this until 4 or so.
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  • Turkey sandwich for me too, but I'm excited!  I picked up lunch for my boss and her 12:00 meeting and got some for myself.  Brooklyn Pickle is delicious!!!
  • i'm having leftover ham & pineapple pizza with grapes on the side.
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  • i had a bagel and cc for bfast about an hour and a half ago so i'm not really hungry yet...but i have to plan to take some lunch/pick somethign up since i am going to go down to the office where I do bookeeping part-time. I've started going into their office for a half day a week so.
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  • Today is an eat out day for me, but I'm not sure what I'm having. Possible chicken salad somewhere.

    My at home lunches are much better thanks to the suggestions the other week though. I've been eating tortilla rolls ups and with my bagels I've been having baby carrots and ranch. Nothing exciting, but changing up the rotation helped. I was having lunch brain block!

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  • image AKBrideinMD:
    i'm having leftover ham & pineapple pizza with grapes on the side.


    love that pizza!!!!!

  • I'm trying out some frozen spring rolls.  I've been lazy this week and not fixed anything for lunch so freezer meals it is.
  • Egg salad sandwich and some chips. And a few mini twix bars for good measure.
  • We are having lunch at Big Peckers. Theu habe these big wooden canopy swings you sit in to east. I'm having a chicken tender sandwich.

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