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What's up for the 4th?

Anybody have any grand plans?  My brother and future sister in law are coming in from Denver and I'm ubber excited.  The Cape is really busy this time of year but it should be good times. 
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Re: What's up for the 4th?

  • Not much.  I plan to stay inside out of the heat.  Also our dog is super afraid of fireworks.  Like way more afraid than most dogs so we try to stay home with him to comfort him and keep him feeling safe.  We may grill out that night.
  • Nothing, H has to work. Kind of ironic that he's military and he works on the 4th. FWIW, he's had off every other year, but since they're in class they work through the holiday.

    So we'll be doing nothing. Boo!

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  • I have family in town this weekend, but nothing planned for the 4th.  My H has to work and I will be at home trying to keep my dog calm from the fireworks. 
  • the 4th is a big holiday around here...that's when all of the class reunions are held do a lot of people are in town. i've been going to the same party for 15 years over by the park where they set off the fireworks. so...we'll probably go to the parade in the morning (with B's new wagon...wahoo!) and then hit up a few parties. no clue what i'm making/baking yet. :) eeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love the 4th!
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  • We're driving down to Virginia Beach Friday night!  My friend lives there and another friend of ours is coming too!  I'm soooo excited!  We're staying until Tuesday and I can't wait for the heat, sun and ocean.
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    We're driving down to Virginia Beach Friday night!  My friend lives there and another friend of ours is coming too!  I'm soooo excited!  We're staying until Tuesday and I can't wait for the heat, sun and ocean.

    be sure to wave from the car to us maryland girls on your way through!

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  • We have nothing big planned.  I stay away from the Cape for the reason Stef mentioned - crazy traffic. We will probably hit up a local state park for a family cookout and then just hang out most of the weekend.  We are leaving next Thursday to Portugal so I've got a lot of packing/organizing and dropping off of dogs to do, so it will be a busy week.  I have Monday off for the holiday, then I'm working Tuesday and then I'm off Wednesday and back to work on 7/19! Almost two weeks off!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!

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  • H and I are on vacation starting tomorrow!  Not really for the 4th, but we're pretty psyched!    Going to meet up w/ one of my friends from school too for a few days, so that will be fun!
  • We're still trying to figure out what we can do w/ the LO in tow.  Right now, we want to see if some friends want to get together for a BBQ on Monday.
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  • We are going to see Cars 2 since we didn't last weekend. We are going to a family grill out at the ILs, a pool party at my uncle's house, and the local fireworks as well. I really hope my husband will be able to join us. His back is terrible.
  • We;re planning to spend the day with DH's good friend and his wife and their kids who are our kids' ages.  Should be a nice day - it will get us all out of the house.  We'll just pretend it's not 400 degrees outside.  :-P
  • We're headed to my hometown for all of the local festivities and for R's first trip over 2 hours. We're excited!
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