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Red, blotchy mosquito bites

For the past few years, all mosquito bites on my legs turn red and blotchy.  Like fire engine red with an irregular, jagged border.   Plus, it takes weeks for the redness to go away.  This doesn't happen with mosquito bites anywhere else on my body- only on my legs. I'm pretty fair, so they really stand out.  They make me self-conscious because it looks like I have chicken pox!  Any ideas what the problem could be?  I should note that this started happening around the same time I developed seasonal allergies when I moved to VA.  Do you think there could be a connection?

Re: Red, blotchy mosquito bites

  • I recently read an article about mosquitoes and the subsequent bites. There are quite a few different kinds of mosquitoes, and evidently, the different species are attracted to different parts of the body because of the smells we put out. You can be more allergic (all a mosquito bit is, is an allergic reaction, at its most basic and simple definition) to the species that bites your legs, ankles, and feet than the ones that might bite your arms.

    The bites I get on my legs are much worse than anywhere else on my body. Really, those are the only ones I usually get!

    It could just be a mosquito that is new to you, and your body is reacting strongly. Try rubbing a dryer sheet on your hot spots (neck, wrists) before you go outside. That kept them away from me once, and before I was being eaten alive! If it doesn't work...well, you'll smell fresh and clean ;) And static free ha. 

  • Steep a black or green tea bag like you're going to make tea, squeeze the water out so it's moist but not dripping, cool it in the refrigerator and apply it to the bite for 20-30 minutes a few times a day. You could do this with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in a bowl of water, soak a washcloth then apply it to the area for 30 minutes. It will help reduce the inflammation around the bite and reduce the redness. Tea bags and vinegar do the same thing, so pick which ever one is easiest for you! This is good for bruises too.
  • I feel your pain, I went to a bbq on Friday and I have 5 huge bites on my legs, the worst one is on the back on my thigh, it is the size of a golf ball I swear! Ugghhh I contemplated going to the walk in clinic as I have never had a reaction like this before... ever! I have used benedryl (ingested kind and the spray), I already take zyrtec and singular daily, so it's not likely a histamine reaction... ughhhhh
  • Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!  I'm definitely going to try the dryer sheets, and I also bought one of those Off clip-ons.  I'll also try the tea bag idea to reduce the redness on my 8 (!) current bites.
  • The same thing happens to me, too!  And it is connected to seasonal allergies, one year mine were so red and swollen that my doctor thought I might have West Nile virus (which I didn't, thank goodness).

    She prescribed me a great hydrocorisone cream, it healed everything up right away.  Mine were incredibly itchy, so I also took some Benadryl which helped.

    Hope you can find some relief!

  • I respond really badly to mosquito bites.  I apply benadryl cream to the bite as soon as I discover it.  The first night, I'll take benadryl pills at bedtime.  This, combined with a little more cream for the next few days, is enough to prevent them from becoming red and inflamed.
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