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Best tool to remove callus when you do your own pedicure?

I've been doing my own pedicures, and I can get the nails to look quite good. But my heels are a disaster. There's extra skin that builds up on my heels and needs to be removed and I'm not sure what the best tool for this is. I tried a ped egg, but I swear it would be even worse a few days later. I have some sort of file-like tool and it does practically nothing. Any other recs?? Tia!


Re: Best tool to remove callus when you do your own pedicure?

  • You can get a foot razor at walmart for a few bucks.  This will shave all the dead skin off of your heals.  Then I usually get a pumice stone or brush and scrub my heels smooth after I shave off the dead skin.  Works awesome!
  • i use the grittiest foot scrub I can find. Bath & Body used to make a volcanic lava foot scrub that was the best but I think its disc. Origins has a pretty good one, too.

    and that w/ the cheap 1.99 pumice stone they use at the nail spa and it works for me.

    also, at night or after a shower I use a heel balm like Flexitol, around 11 bucks and lasts forever.

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  • pumice stone in shower and ped egg when dry.
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  • Losing calluses is like losing weight.  If you do it fast, they'll come back even faster and heavier.

    You should never be cutting skin off of your feet with a razor, ever, even if it is callused.

    Start by soaking in warm water for at least 10 minutes.

    Then use a foot scrub - generally I apply it and then let my feet soak a bit more.  Then I put a bit more scrub on my hands and give them a good massage.  Then I use a pumice stone, or you can use those file thingies.

    The thing is to keep up with it regularly, not to attempt to cut it all off at once.

    Applying Vaseline to your feet and then sleeping in cotton socks will also do wonders for your calluses.


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  • I actually use a callus remover (like a lot of salons use when you go for a pedi) that I got at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.

    Tweezerman Callus Shaver 

    It works great.

    ETA:  What laptop said is true... but I'm a lazy @ss, so this works for me.

    Also, A&D ointment w/ cotton socks works better for me than just Vaseline.


    Edited again because I keep spelling it callous instead of callus.  lol

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  • I really don't want to use one of those skin shavers because it creeps me out lol. I'm thinking a pumice stone and foot scrub are more my style! :) I'll head over to Ulta or bb&b this afternoon and at least get a pumice stone and scrub!


  • From what I understand, using a razor can give you infections more easily.

    What I do is soak my feet first. Get a special soap designed for soaking your feet.  You can find it at the drugstore in the foot care section.

    Then, after you have sufficient wrinkles from your skin getting soggy, use a pumice stone to scrub off extra skin.

    After you rinse your feet, apply tons of lotion. There are also lotions specifically designed for cracked heels, and I think they include salicylic acid. Personally, I just use whatever heavy lotion I have around. Then, put some socks on and relax.

  • Soak in this Sally Hansen Revitalizing Foot Soak, Lavender, 6 fl oz

    Then I use something similar to this 



    Followed by lotion. (sometimes I throw in some foot scrub with pumice)

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  • lmdbwwlmdbww

    My feet were a wreck after I had DD. I used a liquid called Callus-off (got it at sally's, it has a green label. It was rec'd on here.) It worked wonders, and i've followed up every other day since then with a pumice in the shower and my feet are awesome now. (I use a Mr. Pumice, it's like a little foam block looking thing.)

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  • image rosegut:
    pumice stone in shower and ped egg when dry.

    This. And then a really thick foot cream and socks overnight. 

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