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Kitchen: faux brick, parquet floors, black appliances

We're moving into a new (to us) house and we will be inheriting an eyesore of a kitchen. I've been looking at inspiration pics for weeks now and am having trouble figuring out a color scheme/solution that will work well in this space.

First--there is faux brick covering a couple of the walls and backsplash. We absolutely hate it, but are not ready to invest in getting it all removed and having to replace/repair all the drywall. So, our short-term solution will be to paint over it. But we need a color!

Second--I don't think I am a fan of the color of the cabinets. Thinking of painting/staining those as well. Would like to have them be a neutral color of some sort--white, for instance--but if we paint them white, what color do we paint the walls?

Third--The parquet wood floors and the black appliances. The appliances are new and nice, so we have no desire to replace them, even though black wouldn't have been our first choice for color. But we feel like the wood floors and black appliances further complicate the color scheme decisions.

Countertops are a neutral beigey color. That table is not ours, it is the sellers. We will be ripping off that country shelf from top of the slider door, and we like white trim instead of the natural color.

Any ideas how to tie it all together? If we have a specific "taste," I'd say it's more modern, but obviously this kitchen is more traditional looking, so we'll have to work with what we've got. So far, I'm leaning on going light in the kitchen to keep things as open looking as possible and airy. Thoughts?


I don't have a pic yet of the other angle, but next to the fridge on the right, there are some more cabinets and counter space, and the stove.

Re: Kitchen: faux brick, parquet floors, black appliances

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