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On facebook, can you block just one person (a friend) from seeing your pictures?

Like you want to stay friends with them, but you don't want to allow them to see your stuff.

Re: On facebook, can you block just one person (a friend) from seeing your pictures?

  • I think there is a way to filter it, but I have no idea how. In other words, I'm no help.
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  • yes.

    when you set up the photo album, look at the privacy feature and you can block them in there.

  • Yes, when you adjust your photo album privacy settings, choose 'customize' and exclude them.  Also, when you go to make a status update, before you post it, you can click on the padlock and choose people that you don't want to make it visible to.
  • Yes, DH's best friend pissed me off one day with his comments so I blocked just him.  It was hilarious all of my photo albums say "just friends except john doe" can view.  


    Go to the album, edit album, and customize privacy.   


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  • Yup! You have to do it album-by-album, though. Privacy --> customize settings --> Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos.

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  • Hooray, this is very handy information! I wonder if anyone blocks me from their albums. Assh*les.
  • Very infrequent lurker here that's stuck inside due to rain.

    If you want to "block" more than one person the easiest thing is to "group" your friends and then you can set your privacy things to exclude a group. I did that with all my work people just in case one of my friends tags me in something or says something strange on my wall. 

    So for example my work peeps are automatically blocked from all photo albums, status updates, etc. unless I change it to allow them to any specific album/post. I like this WAY better because I don't have to remember to exclude them each time.

    Hope this is making sense. Freaking Facebook and all it's confusing ways...

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