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Is 10-12 weeks enough time to marathon train?

Is 10-12 weeks too little time to marathon if you're a newbie (2nd marathon?) Due to shin splints I can't start my 18 week marathon training plan. I hope to be healed by the 12 week mark, but it might be more like 10 weeks before the marathon. My PT thinks this is plenty of time, but I don't think she realizes how out of shape I am- lol. Once the soreness subsides I plan on doing quite a bit of biking, but I don't have access to a gym to do swimming or anything else. What do you think?

Re: Is 10-12 weeks enough time to marathon train?

  • I haven't run a marathon yet (I'm in week 2 of training for my first), but I don't think that's enough time, especially without a solid base of, say, 15 mi per week.

    I mean, you could do high weekly mileage and make it across the finish line on race day, but you'd be risking injury all the way through by pushing yourself that hard. There's a reason that most marathon training plans are 16-18 weeks long, and suggest a 10-12 mi/wk base for starters.


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  • Honestly, no. Not at all. Especially if you've been out of running for a bit. You're just asking for another injury increasing your mileage that quickly. You can probably physically cross the finish line, but it won't be fun.
  • unless you are averaging like 40 mpw now, I would not attempt a 10-12 week marathon training program after 6 weeks of no running.  I would find another marathon. 

  • ditto everyone else, definitely not enough time, especially coming off of an injury. you would be trying to play "catch up" and risk further injury. choose another marathon
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  • I wouldn't do it. 
  • Doable? Yes. Advisable? Probably not. You don't know how long the injury will take to heal. You don't know if you will get injured again. Consider a later marathon, or maybe think about a half marathon.
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  • I am also a newbie at it and I don't think I could do that in that time frame.
    I agree with all the PP - no.
  • image psyri:
    Doable? Yes. Advisable? Probably not. 

    Especially from scratch. That's injuries waiting to happen. 

  • image psyri:
    Doable? Yes. Advisable? Probably not.


  • Not at all. Coming off an injury, you gotta start back slow again, and that could take 10-12 weeks just to do that.


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  • No. That's barely enough time to train for a half marathon, especially since you're recovering from injury.
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