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What's up with all the mustaches?

Maybe this is another of those pop culture things that I just somehow missed. Why am I seeing mustaches everywhere? They're in art/prints, photo props, signs, toys for babies. I must have missed something. I tried to look it up on urbandictionary, but it didn't give me a real answer, just made me more curious.

Re: What's up with all the mustaches?

  • Mustache's are awesomely bad. It's kind of like PBR (pabst blue ribbon). It is the worst beer ever, but for some weird reason is super popular w/ hipsters at and hipster bars/restaurants. As if it's trendy to like something so retro and weird. I think maybe mustache's have the same appeal.


    For the record, CB LOVES having a mustache and can grow a mean one. It ruins my life. 

  • Since Chris and I reconnected after high school, he has always had a goatee or a beard.  I don't think I'd have it any other way -- I do like it a lot.  The only time I dont is when he lets it get too long and it gets in the way of kissing.  Gross.
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  • I guess I get men, weird frat boys, or "hipsters" liking mustaches, but it's very weird to me that they're all over etsy and pinterest.

    My poor stepdad had a mustache for like 20 years. He just finally shaved that thing off in 2007. I am anti facial hair.

  • My dad's never not had a mustache, he started growing that thing right after college. My uncle shaved his off a few years ago, and I hated him without his 'stache! It looked so bizarre. But I kind of want to reserve a solitary mustache for men 50 and older.

    I know what you mean, though, someone on WC a while ago had a mustache party, and while it was cute... I didn't really get it.

  • I think this whole mustache thing is kind of douchey - like the people that have them tattooed on the outside of their pointer finger.  However - they do remind me of my grandfather who used to have a handlebar mustache that he'd put wax on the ends up and curl up.


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  • I'll bet Mr. Potato head brought this trend back. He has an amazing stache.


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  • image michelle142:

    I'll bet Mr. Potato head brought this trend back. He has an amazing stache.


    Yes That's a pretty mean 'stache, but I have to admit that I'm partial to the Ron Swanson:


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