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Mediacom vs. Dish

I'm pretty sure this has been asked in the past but I'm going to throw it out there...

We are moving to Pella in the next couple of weeks and currently use mediacom for tv and internet; however, our house in Pella is set up for dish already and we are considering switching.

What are some pros and cons of having a dish? Is there much of a price difference? I have no clue what internet will cost through a different company if we get a dish so I dont' really know that price difference.

Any help would be great!


A & D 8/04/07

Re: Mediacom vs. Dish

  • Are you talking Dish Network? or Just a Dish in general?

    I have grown up with DirecTV and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! When I met H he had Mediacom- HATE THEM. Now, this is just my opinion. And others may feel differently.

    I didn't like that MC would just randomly jack up the rates. and that we got less channels for the amount of money we were paying. The only issue we've had w/ Directv is in a BAD storm, not just mild rain but a BAD storm, but we had the same issue w/ MC. My parents have directv, and live in a wooded area. They don't have issues with reception or loosing signal. Plus DTV is cheaper for HD channels- there are a LOT of them, and DVR is only $7 a month! I LOVE DVR!



  • I hate them all equally. Seriously. So I guess I would just check prices and go with the cheapest. We currently have DirecTV with HD and DVR. We have had a few instances in bad storms where signal is interrupted. We also have to keep the snow from piling up on it in the winter or the signal is interrupted. Customer service is a bunch of idiots, although I haven't had any better experiences with Mediacom and we had them for years before we switched to dish.
  • I hate them all too. We were originally going to go with Direct TV but they were expensive, it was going to take awhile to get the box, and I didn't like how the internet was separate through Qwest (I had to call them separately to get the internet set up). Mediacom ended up being the easier and cheaper option. We have HD for up to 3 TVs, DVR, and internet for only $60 a month. If they ever increase their prices it's pretty easy to just call them, tell them you're going to leave since they increased prices, and they'll keep you at the same rate- that's what my MIL has done for years. 
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