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Repurposing a changing table?

Any ideas on what I can do with my daughter's changing table now that she's outgrown it? It matches her bedroom furniture and I'd hate to get rid of it because it's still like new. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

Re: Repurposing a changing table?

  • My SIL cut hers in half vertically and added plywood backs painted to match.  It became two bookcases.
  • Toy storage?  Buy a few of those large canvas bins and put some labels on them for your LO to get things in/out.

    Not sure if this works based on your style of table but I plan to do this when we no longer need ours.


    Or, CL and get a few bucks? 

  • My sister gave me their old changing table and we don't have kids so we don't need it for that purpose.  It's the type where the part on top that would hold a changing pad can be removed.  We are now using it as a TV stand and have big baskets in the shelving areas.  Doesn't really look like it was a changing table with the top part removed.  So if you want to leave it in your daughter's room since it matches, I would try to remove the part that makes it look like a changing table and repurpose with baskets to hold games/books/toys/clothes.
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