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Kittens and parvo tests and low cost clincs, oh my! (VLIP)

I took the kittens to the low-cost clinic today.  They were 2 were starting to show signs of an URI and they needed to get their first distemper (plus they needed to be dewormed).

I tell the girl I have $100 to spend on what they need today.  She says ok, and works up a quote w/them each getting wormed, distemper, and a vet check.  antibiotics would be extra.  No biggie.

I wait an hour and a half and some other woman tells me that the dr. wants them all to have a parvo test before she'll treat them, at $20/piece!  Um, what?  They aren't exhibiting and signs/symptoms of parvo.  Not to mention, at $60 I wouldn't have enough for the other stuff they needed.  I called my reg vet (who, btw, offers no discounts) and asked about the parvo.  I really was just trying to figure out if this was a scheme to get more money because they know I'm not in there because of low income and knew I would pay.  My vets office tells me know, they rarely do a parvo test on kittens unless symptoms warrant.

I kind of  b!tch and moan to the lady until she goes to talk to dr and comes back saying they she'll just test one and go from there.  She also writes $100 really big and highlights it on my paperwork. 

when it was all said and done I spent $90 for 3 kittens on:

ear mites
1 parvo test :/

she wouldn't vaccinate because she said with the URIs and worms we should wait.  they're currently terrorizing each other and acting like normal kittens.

 is parvo testing kittens without signs or symptoms normal?

and for reading (and hopefully weighing in on parvo) the funniest kitten alive, you have to watch with sound:

MODESTY: haz it.
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