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Because we haven't had enough urine issues...

Sadie now seems to be incontinent while sleeping..... I know about Proin. I am going to talk about it with the vet soon, but I'm just frustrated about the seemingly endless urine problems.
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Re: Because we haven't had enough urine issues...

  • Our cat has the same issues and the vet perscribed a food called, I believe it's called, Cayenne (they make it for dogs too).  They have it at Pestmart (and maybe online, too) and you have to show a perscription to buy it. It's in white bags, and usually away from the regular food. Our is near the vet's office in Petsmart.  I pay $50.00 for a big bag (it's cheaper per ounce this way) but it really works! No bladder infections since. My cat has had no infections for a year!
  • I am sorry- that seems so frustrating.
  • I feel your pain- zeta's phenobarb makes her pee all the time. I know it's not the same issue, but I know how much the never-ending pee sucks. 

  • Boo. I'm sorry! Cleaning up pee all over the house sucks, especially when they can't even help themselves.

    I hope the vet can help you out and things get better soon. ::hugs::

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