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aggressive starlings in our yard - help

We have some birds (we think starlings) who have found a home in the arbor vitaes lining our backyard deck. Not an issue, until they started flying at my dog at every turn and he's now afraid to go out there alone. In addition, they have become quite brazen with us adults - flying close by us when we're out there with our 8 week old baby. It's becoming scary! We purchased a big plastic owl to see if that would ward them off, but no such luck. Not sure what to do since they have babies in the tree but I would appreciate any suggestions on how to force them to move! I normally wouldn't mind them being there but like I said they're becoming aggressive.



Re: aggressive starlings in our yard - help

  • it's because of the babies in the tree. In a few weeks the babies will fly away and everything will return to normal.
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    I've never seen Starlings do that, but Mockingbirds are famous for it. They attack raptors when they're nesting.

    You can't force them to abandon their young any more than someone could make YOU do it. Give it 2-3 weeks and they'll go away on their own.

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  • yeah i think they are mocking birds too. Starlings are browning-ish right now and Mocking birds are more like a gray with white strips on the wings.

    Not sure what you can do except for maybe walking your dogs around the block for a week or two instead of just letting him out in the backyard?

  • Ditto pp's; they are protecting their babies.  I've seen robins fly after a hawk that approached their nesting area.
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