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Deck or patio?

We are looking to build a 10x13 deck or patio in our backyard.  Right now there's nothing and we want something to put our patio set on instead of grass.

DH has a bad back so this is something we will probably have to pay someone to do.  In a few years we are hoping to be able to add an addition to the back of our house so the deck or patio is going to be fairly temporary. 

What are your thoughts on which would be better to do in this situation? 

Re: Deck or patio?

  • well, is there a grade difference between your house & the yard?  If not, I'd do patio (potentially poured concrete if this is going to be "temporary").  If there is a grade change (more than just 1ft), then a deck would make sense.
  • I hate our back patio but if it's only going to be temporary I'd probably just throw down a patio
  • I love patios, much more than decks.  But if it is temporary, a deck is more economical.
  • image another KT:
    I love patios, much more than decks.  But if it is temporary, a deck is more economical.


    130 square feet isn't a whole lot though.  you may want to rethink that idea. 

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  • If you do a deck, can you remove it and reattach it? Or at least reuse the lumber? That might make the most $ sense.


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  • I personally prefer concrete patios but if it is only temporary, I would go with something that can be reused.  I hate wood decks myself so I would try flagstone or pavers that way they can be moved and reused. 
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