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what would you save?

In case of a disaster (tornado, fire, etc.), what items would you most want to save if you had the opportunity? I'm assuming people and pets are first priority, so I only want to know about material objects, preferably that you could carry in only one trip.

For me, I would save our lockbox. It has all our important documents that would be difficult to replace (marriage license, birth certificates, passports, car titles, etc).

I would also grab my external computer hard-drive. It has both my computer and DH's computer backed up on it, so we wouldn't lose all our digital pictures. It's my equivalent of saving the photo albums.

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Re: what would you save?

  • Wedding/engagement ring, and our musical instruments. Any time we ever have to hide from a tornado, they come with us (and the pets...it's a tight fit). H's violin is really nice, and the maker no longer exists. It's literally irreplaceable. 

    Everything else is just stuff. 

  • llizzybllizzyb member
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    Tonight we went to DH's aunt's house because she has a shelter. Of course we took the dog! I grabbed both of our laptops and our file that has our SS cards, marriage and birth certs, passports, etc. I took the laptops mainly because they are small MacBooks and have our pictures and other important documents. I also grabbed a change of clothes and put it in my bag. If our home was destroyed I would at least want one pair of clean underwear to change into post disaster.
    ETA I make sure I'm wearing my rings, too.
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  • Tonight, I grabbed our wedding and engagement rings, wedding album, photo album, kids baby books, cd with video and pictures from m's birth, camera, and video camera. I needed the cameras because we haven't taken the pictures or video of g's birth off yet.
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  • We went into our "safe place" tonight and interestingly enough the other thing I brought with me (other than pets and DH) was a sandwich.  So...maybe I would take nothing material.  Generally, all of that stuff can be replaced.

  • I guess nothing. At least I didn't take anything tonight. In the moment, all I cared about was getting my butt in the bathtub with the dogs. Our laptops did cross my mind and I made sure I had my ring and cell phone on me.
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  • We grabbed the dogs, my purse, DH's wallet, and I put on my wedding/engagement set, my graduation ring, and my great great grandmother's wedding ring. Then we left. I like the external hard drive idea! I'll have to remember that next time.

  • All I took with me today was my purse.  I had things in mind that I wanted to take with me but when it came time to leave I just wanted to get the fvck out.  

    Things I would've taken had I not been in that mindset were my wedding rings (normally I'd have them on but they don't fit right now), DH's wedding ring, and our CDs that have our wedding pictures on them.  Our important documents are in our fire-proof safe....I've always assumed they would be okay in there but I guess I should take them out just in case?
  • Probably just a few pieces of jewelry and our cell phones. I think of all our pictures are backed up online. I guess really everything else could be replaced.
  • I wasn't really thinking clearly last night when we went into the shelter. All I could think of was to get M and the dogs down there. I was already wearing my wedding rings, but I didn't take anything else. I should have taken the laptop down there since all of our pictures are stored on there, but it was a really tight squeeze and I didn't want the chance of it being dropped trying to go down the stairs.
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  • We went out to my mom's in Norman because she has a cellar.  I left work an hour early so met DH at home with my SC and had time to pack a change of clothes for all of us and I grabbed important documents (birth certificates, marriage license, passports, s.s. cards).  We have no pets right now or else they would have come too.  Pictures are the only other thing I would have wanted to save also.  Everything else can be replaced.

  • The nearest shelter is on campus - about 10 minutes from my place - so I'd packed stuff in my car the night before, just in case. Everything I brought with us belonged to JJ...his diaper bag, toys, favorite blankie, extra clothes etc. I honestly wasn't thinking about what I should save - I just wanted him to be comfortable in case we were stuck somewhere for awhile.

    If I'd thought about it more, I would've taken my laptop and external hard drive, my file folder with important documents, and H's jewelry that I still have. Everything else could've been replaced. 

    [url=http://charmedkindoflife.blogspot.com/].:.Charmed Kind of Life [2.17.13].:.[/url]
  • Last night was the first time I've ever packed anything "just in case".  I think I was a little on edge since the Joplin tornado.  We packed a small backpack which included - CD's with our wedding pics, a sandwich bag of irreplaceable jewelry, all of our credit cards/checkbook/id's, camera, work gloves, flashlights, dog leashes, cell phone chargers, my birth control, a pic of my brother who passed away (I don't have many), face cleansing cloths, ibuprophen, and chapstick.  Seems like there could have been more.

    Next time we're going to add extra contacts and solution and our glasses.

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