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White on white/monochromatic/pale bedroom?

Big SmileSo, as with every house we've owned, the master bedroom is a mismatched disaster. Well, not so much mis-matched...there's barely anything left. The dresser bit the dust in the last move, the bedding has taken the brunt of a terminally ill cat who throws up constantly, etc.

We're planning in the next while to redo it from top to bottom and since we're basically starting from scratch, we have few limits. Obviously, we need a dresser soon (because living out of boxes is getting a *tad* old) and if I'm investing any money in that, I want it to work with the future plan.

We're thinking white on white, or just a mix of super washed out whites and ivories and such. Our style is contemporary, but we've added a bunch of classic elements to this house and are open to pretty much anything for the bedroom (since it's so removed from the rest of the house and meant to be our escape anyway). The only caveat is NO COUNTRY. :)

 And damnit - I want a pretty bedroom, finally. It always winds up being the afterthought room and I want it to be our retreat in this house.

Any inspiration pictures? Blogs with ideas similar? Any help at all?

Re: White on white/monochromatic/pale bedroom?

  • Me too, minus the old cat! This is what I'm going for, layered warm whites.
    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • I really like the Vincente Wolf room and I freaking LOVE the Mimmi O'Connel room. LOVE.
    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • This blog has a lot of white-on-white decor stuff:

    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Ooh I love those inspiration pictures you linked MrsOjo!  Thanks!

    We're remodeling our master bedroom along with two bathrooms this year.  We have one nice piece of furniture I want to keep which is our handcrafted four post cherry bed.  Eventually we what to have a matching dresser and nightstands made.  We're going for a very neutral color scheme to highlight the beautiful wood but also create a calming space.  I'm thinking ivories, white, and very pale tan with a lot of texture thrown in to keep it from looking blah.  We might add some accent pillows or artwork because DH wants a little color.  Here are my inspiration pictures.

    Our bed is very similar to this picture:





    The one thing I do notice is that all of the white bedrooms I lean toward don't have white furniture also.  There needs to be some wood tones or color to ground the space or it will look like a sea of white.  

  • image




    always trust West Elm to know whats up. :)

  • Thank you, thank you!

    I find it so much easier to collect pieces over time rather than to have to pull together a room all at once. And so I like having a goal, a few key things I want that I can just keep an eye out for. Anytime I'm under pressure to finish a room, I totally, completely blank and can't make it look anything like it does in my head! But picking up really unique, really perfect pieces over time with a goal in much easier!

    And these pics confirm it - this is exactly what I want.

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