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*Mrs.CPH* This made me think of you - PIP


I suppose because it is a closet turned vanity area, but I think this is such a cute idea. I have this obsession with keeping all of my shopping bags and if I had a dressing room I would so do this! Just an idea:) 

Re: *Mrs.CPH* This made me think of you - PIP

  • I've considered doing this... I have the opposite of a plant shelf...

    You can see what I mean here..


    and thought about doing a series of them on the wall up there... I may do it still...

  • I do think it's really cute though! It could also be really fun in a girls bathroom!
  • This is such a cute idea! I am filing it away with the plans for a closet-room.
  • Oh and just another thought, if I do this I'm going to have to go beg some fancy places for some bags, cause 99% of my shopping bags are Limited, Ann Taylor, Express, Victorias Secret, ha not anything worth framing!
  • I love that!  I'm saving this picture for when I have a better closet! :-)

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