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Ikea Liatorp Bookcases? Or other suggestions?

Does anyone have the Liatorp bookcases from Ikea?  What's the quality like?  Are they sturdy enough to actually hold a shelf full of books?

We have tons of books that are sitting stacked in the corner of the living room and our coat closet (and have been since we moved in) because DH's friend accidently broke our cheap Target bookshelves when we were moving.  I wasn't too upset b/c they were old and I didn't much like them anyway.  Fast forward 10 months and they are still there.  We can't justify spending the $$ for built-ins or the wall unit I'm in love with, so we're looking for less expensive options.  We're planning to put them on a 12 foot long wall and want something that will give us the look of a wall unit and give a library-like feel.  If you don't like these, any other suggestions?

Re: Ikea Liatorp Bookcases? Or other suggestions?

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