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Rustoleum or Giani Granite Paint Worth It?

I want to help my mom redo her kitchen counter tops for Mother's Day.  They're seriously an orange colored laminate, terrible.  Unfortunately, she doesn't (and neither do I) have the money to buy all new counter tops. 

So, I was wondering if any one has experience using Rustoleum's or Giani's counter top paint kits?  Is it worth it?  Tricks to making it look especially nice?  Any downsides I need to know about?  Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

TIA ladies!!

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Re: Rustoleum or Giani Granite Paint Worth It?

  • I did Giani and am very pleased with the result.  I had harvest gold laminate before and now my countertops look 100% better.  It would be a stretch to say they look like granite, but they certainly look like new laminate, which is plenty of an improvement for my neighborhood.  There aren't really any tricks to it, just follow the directions.  After cleaning your counters thoroughly and patching any large nicks/scrapes, you rolls on a coat of black primer.  After that dries, you sponge on 3 different colors of paint.  I got the Sicilian Sand kit so my colors were a dark brown, light brown, and white.  Let that dry then roll on a clear topcoat.  Pretty easy.  The only thing is to make sure to sponge on the paint colors randomly so it looks more natural than a set pattern.  I read some reviews saying the Rustoleum kit had a very strong smell but there was no odd smell with Giani, just your usual paint smell.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Awesome!  Thanks so much for the reply.  I was kind of leaning towards the Giani already, and The Sicilian Sand is the one we would want to use, too.  Is there anyway you could PIP a photo of your finished project?  Do you like the way that it is holding up so far?

    I read the same thing about Rustoleum having a very stong smell.  Yuck. 

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  • Sorry, I just now saw that you had replied.  I don't have any photos on this computer but I'll post one tonight when I'm on my other computer.  I do think it is holding up well so far but I only did it about a month ago, so take that for what it's worth.  I did have extra paint and top coat left over so I just figure if I get any chips, making a repair will be easy enough because I can just dab on a little spare paint.
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