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Hello Ladies.

I am looking for some makeup advice. What kind or kinds of makeup do you use? I am currently using bare escentuals but not really a fan of it.. By the time lunch comes around it looks half off and faded. I even tried applying extra foundation and then it just looks dark.

 I love MAC for eyeshadow and other things but their foundation is so oily that it makes me break out (at least as of 2 years ago). Also with Mac I tried 3-4 times and they can never find a shade that fits me right.  I want full coverage and the colors just dont match.

 Hoping to go get something this weekend so if anyone has any good advice on good makeup let me know.


Re: Makeup

  • I use LORAC powder for my face (I can't do liquid foundation, it looks bad on me)  It can be used dry or wet for more coverage.  I tend to have a hard time matching colors cause I'm obnoxiously pale.  NARS orgasm blush, Urban Decay for my eyes ( LOVE my naked palette) & Dior for mascara (I use the waterproof & it does not move!).  

     If you're having a problem with your makeup staying on, but like what you use, have you tried using a primer?  I had the same problem, & I started using primers & it made a world of difference.  I use Urban Decay's eye potion (I think thats what it's called-purple squeezy tube w a silver top) & Makeup Forever HD for my face (the white one, its neutral) & it's matching transluscent powder for after my makeup is on.  


    HTH Good luck!





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  • My MUA from the wedding has her own makeup line and a lot of my makeup is hers. But I also have a lot of Urban Decay as well. Eventually, I'm going to switch my whole regimen over to Urban Decay. One good thing I would suggest (if you can find it) is picking up the Urban Decay Naked palette. It's a versatile palette that colors look good on everyone and it comes with an eyeshadown primer and brush. I can give you my regimen in order and I know it'll seem like a lot but it's not and takes about 5 mins to do not including eyeshadow.

    1. Primer

    2. Mosturizer w/ SPF 15

    3. Concealer

    4. Foundation

    5. Bronzer

    6. Blush (I use UD for this)

    7. Eyeshadow primer

    8. Eyeshadow

    9. Liner

    10. Mascara

    11. Lipgloss

  • I love Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer.  If you are looking for something with more coverage, her foundations are good too.

    From the drugstore, Revlon ColorStay is a highly recommended full coverage foundation.

    I have dry skin so I like a cream or gel blush (Nars and Tarte have good ones).

    If you keep using Bare Minerals, you will have to get a primer!

  • Thats the funny thing. I do use primer. I have tried bare escentuals which doesnt work that great and makes me super oily. I also tried one by mally.. its ok but not a big fan.

    I will look for that naked pallete. I think I will also look for that urban decay makeup.

    What primer does everyone recomend?

    Jaimie- Thanks for the makeup routine. I need to get better at doing all of it and not cutting out steps.

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