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Portrait photog - infants?

Anyone know of a good portrait photographer for babies? 

I've found a couple photographers online, but they all seem to offer packages that include so many 8x10s, a canvas, X number of wallets, etc.  I'm really not a package kind of gal - what I want is someone who will shoot the pics and give me a disc for a flat fee.  Is this a pipe dream?

I don't want to pay $400 or more and not get what I want.  I prefer to display my photos in albums, not on the wall so I have no use for four 8x10s and a canvas.  I know photographers generally don't want to give you a disc, but these packages annoy me.  I'd gladly pay twice the price to get what I want.  Can any of you suggest a good photographer who offers this service?


Re: Portrait photog - infants?

  • Try  The lady's name is Michelle.  She did worked with my photographer MQ Photography when I got married.  She does good work.
  • i'd highly recommend amy drouet. she's a former knottie, i think. she took the pictures of my boys that are on their birth announcement (see bio). i don't know exactly what her pricing structure is like, but ask her.

    she's taking pictures of the boys next month.

    this weekend, i'm lucky enough to have sandra o'claire take pics of my boys. she did my wedding pics. not sure if she does baby pictures regularly.

    i dont' know if matt foster does baby pics either, but it can't hurt to ask...

    good luck!

    Jack, Sydney and Carynne, Annaleigh, JW, Eden...forever in our hearts.
    My blog * ABC World News story
  • Hi!  I had been using Heidi Bowers in Covington for my pregnant belly pictures and for my newborn pictures then we switched to milestones photography in Kenner.  We were SO happy with Heidi Bowers but wanted to try something new - hence the switch to milestones.  We went to Milestones this past weekend and I hated it!  I wanted to do the "watch me grow" package (pics at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months) and I am going to go back to Heidi Bowers.  Anyway, I would check out Heidi Bower's if you get a chance - she does such cute work!  Good luck.
  • I'm looking for the same thing too.  In NOLA Baby magazine, Elizabeth Dondis and Trisha Hardin had ads.  So did Penton Studio but they have package deals.

     also ads for and

     edit::: holy crapballs on the prices for the last two I posted.  No offense, but who the hell spends that kind of money on pictures? 

    I've been going to JcPenney but wanted something a bit more special but I'm not shelling out those $$$

  • Thanks for the info ladies.  I checked into Amy Drouet a while back and I seem to remember having packages that just don't appeal to me.  It's a shame since I really like her work. 

    I'll look into the other suggestions today.  I did find Sweet Light Studio online and she looks promising.  Unfortunately she has not returned my email and her blog hasn't been updated since June, so maybe she's out of business.  Maybe some of the others will work.

    Saxy, you're right about Celeste Marshall!  I almost paid that much for my wedding pics!  Adams doesn't seem bad, though.  $175 for 20 4x6 pics in an album?  It's not a disc, but at least it's closer to what I'm looking for,

    Thanks for all the info!

  • Contact Amy to ask her...she's really nice and might work with you on getting a disk.

    Celeste Marshall is a phenomenal photographer (I did her last website, so believe me, I've looked at her photos many many times Big Smile ) but yeah, not exactly for anyone on a budget! :)

    Jack, Sydney and Carynne, Annaleigh, JW, Eden...forever in our hearts.
    My blog * ABC World News story
  • after looking at all the photogs and getting emails and price quotes from them, I've decided to use my  I cannot fathom spending more than $200 on pictures....and that includes a session price and what I want.  I can take pictures but I wanted something cute and I'm not about to pay $1,000's for "cuteness". 

     I'm DEFINITELY in the wrong industry if people are paying that much for pictures.

  • Oh I second Heidi Bowers, She just recently did pics of my kids and she was amazing.  Not cheap though, but I wanted quality. 

    When we have another I'll be back that's for sure!

    Kevin & Traci May 11, 2006 Lilypie Third Birthday tickers Photobucket
  • Hey ladies!!

    ?I wanted to reply to this post because it has been a personal endeavor for me. I had the same exact dilemma- I don't want a whole bunch of prints; I just want the disk and I don't want to pay a bunch of money for it... I spent a lot of time looking for someone who did copyright release (disk) and couldn't find anyone. I usually went to Sears, but I am so unhappy with them, not to mention I didn't want anymore sit down, pose, and smile pictures. I wanted something more natural.?

    I recently took Beau to a lady who does pictures on the Northshore. She is a stay at home mom who does photography on the side. I took him 2 weekends ago and for $50 got an 8x10, 2 5x7s, and wallets, along with disk. It was pumpkin patch themed, and she did it at her house. We were there for 15 minutes, and she took close to 100 pictures!!!

    ?I am going to see her in mid- November for her Christmas card shoot at Fountainbleau park on the Northshore. I think I have her for more like an hour for this shoot, and again, I get the disk and all the prints (for me the prints are just??bonus- all I want is the disk).

    If interested, her name is Nikki Spreen and her website is:


    ?I just wanted to share her, because I spent a lot of time and effort trying to find someone who wasn't outrageously priced and gave me what I want (and actually, I was willing to pay more too, I just couldn't find anyone besides Sears/ Penneys).... So I know how you feel :) I will definitely go to her for Beau's pictures from now on...

    ?(she takes about two weeks to get the disk to me, so when I get it I will post pics)



  • I just looked at her website and read the info about contacting her- I contacted her primarily via email (I live in Kenner, and there was no way I was driving to her house just to sign up for pics!!). But I saw all the pics she took the day she took them (to chose which one I wanted for prints), and driving up there for the shoot was definitely worth it :-)?

  • I third Heidi Bowers.  I went to grammar school and high school with her.  She does amazing work.  2 weeks ago  I went to her studio to take maternity pics.  I haven't received them yet but when I do it you are interested I don't mind showing them.  She will also be taking newborn pics of our baby the week after the baby is born.
  • I also want to recommend Amy Drouet Photography. ?Her prices are not those of JCPenney + Sears, but her work is also not like JCPenney + Sears. ?Not apples to apple and a totally different quality and perspective. ?I'm a big believer in, "you get what you pay for" and I've noticed that some photographer's who have a lower price point also have photographs that look like snapshots, with exposure issues, face shadow issues and shots that just look technically wrong to me. ?The quality and experience is totally lacking, so be careful with your choice. ?Good luck!!!
  • I guess maybe I wasn't clear.  I'm not opposed to spending money.  I'm fully aware that you get what you pay for,  My issue is that the quality photographers don't offer the option of a disc of photos.  It seems that all of the photographers that I'd like to use only offer packages and the packages aren't what I want.  If a photog does offer a disc I tend to think the quality isn't there.

    I'm more than happy to spend $300, $400, even more - if I can get what I want.  I just hate to pay that kind of money and be forced into a package.  Frustrates me.

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