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Is Proactiv worth the money?

Does it work?

SD has normal teenage acne

Re: Is Proactiv worth the money?

  • Have you tried Cetaphil first?  From what I hear, Proactiv is worth the money but only after you tried all the other stuff first. 
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  • I tried it a few years ago (when I was in my 20s, so not normal teen acne).  It did nothing for me except ruin my clothes and towels (it bleached them).  I do like the mask though as a spot treatment.

    Could you bring her to a derm?  Rx creams have made a much bigger difference in my skin than Proactiv did, and (at least on my insurance) I don't think they're any more expensive than Proactiv was.
  • No, it's not. It's incredibly harsh and drying, and can make acne 10x worse due to it's harsh ingredients. The skin will ramp up oil production caused by the increased dryness, so then you break out even more.

    Take her to a dermatologist.

  • Just like everything else, it works for some people and not for others.  My sister loved it when she was a teen,  but it made my skin worse. 
  • i think I'll try cephil first.

    It really isn't that bad. No deep red under the surface type acne just some random zits on the forehead and chin

  • I used it in high school and college and IMO, not worth the money.  I've found over recent years that if I just keep up with keeping my face clean that it works just as well as Proactiv.  And I had/can have pretty bad breakouts. 
  • Tell your SD to make sure she washes morning and night with Cetaphil.  I had horrible pg related acne in the beginning and nothing worked until I started using Cetaphil. 
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  • Go to Target and buy Acne Free.  It is just like Proactiv but a lot cheaper
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  • proactiv is like a drug. You cant skip a day or her skin will go all wonky.  I used it for years and my skin was just as bad after I stopped then before. Its all chemically too. I hated relying on it.


    I have bad skin, and I use neutrogena grapefruit acne wash with a clarisonic, then moisturize with aveeno. My skin has been looking amazing. I also have been using this Suki scrub which I LOVE

  • image chocoholicchick:
    Tell your SD to make sure she washes morning and night with Cetaphil.  I had horrible pg related acne in the beginning and nothing worked until I started using Cetaphil. 

    She might have better results with Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap. You can get it on Amazon, it's kind of hard to find in stores.

  • mushEmushE
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    I used it in my 20's, and really liked it.  But the only part I actually really liked was the lotion (the after you wash stuff).  I ended up buying just that part on eBay for cheap, which worked for me. 

    For face soap, I ditto PPs in trying Cetaphil or something.  I also like just the Neutrogena anti-acne wash, as it's not too drying.

    If you do decide to do Proactiv, my Costco just started selling it, a 120-day supply for like $65 or something.  Much cheaper than buying direct from Proactiv. 

  • YES! I loved Proactiv and used it for almost 10 years. I now use the Clinique Acne line combined with some other random stuff.

    Just make sure she uses white towels only as the Benzoyl Peroxide can stain things. It's worth it IMO, but it does take a  month or so to really work.

  • I've used Proactiv on and off for years and it always helped a little bit. I've tried so many over the counter products and nothing works for me. A few months ago I started using extra strength proactiv and that has finally helped me a lot. I do agree that you get "dependant" on it. My skin will break out if I skip a night or use any other products.
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  • It works. Acne Free is more readily available and is basically the same thing. The only crappy thing is it discolors towels, clothes, pillowcases, etc.

  • Yes, absolutely. I've tried over a dozen different treatments from my derm and proactiv is the only thing that has worked for me.
  • I used it when I graduated college for a few years and think it worked great.  I think after you use it for a while you dont really need the full 3 piece kit to maintain clear skin. At least that was my experience, anyway.... I was able to stop using it and switch to easier to get (and cheaper) items, and just spot treat with the Repairing Lotion if I needed to.

    FWIW I used to have insanely oily skin and Cetaphil (which I see keeps being rec'd by pp's) was way too drying for me. It made my skin itchy actually. ProActiv actually seemed to solve my excess oil problem.

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  • image

    This is the only thing that works without making my skin red/blotchy/worse. 

    Cetaphil had no effect on my skin. I'm a mix of oily & dry too so it was hard to find a product that worked.

    I use Elemis moisturizer and then a grapeseed peel away mask once a week. I haven't had a zit (a noticeable one anyway) in the last 6 - 8 months that I can remember.

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  • My derm told me that Proactiv suppresses the acne - which is why your skin looks so good while you're on it - and so bad when you're not.  Personally, I think that you just have to be consistent. 

    And the towel, pillowcase, clothes bleaching is no joke.  It was so annoying.  oh!  and they recently (in the last year or two) reformulated it - so even though it worked really well for me 5 years ago - I tried it last year and it made me break out into a rash.  So, I'm not sure what they did to it.

  • Proactive didn't work for me, for the month I used it, 2 weeks my skin was fine and 2 weeks I had bad acne. I had mild acne regularly.
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  • Proactiv is the devil. It ate my face.
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  • I used it when I was a teen and worked great. My skin cleared up. I stopped using it. I didn't have any major break outs for years. Then, I started breaking out a little more and tried it again a couple years ago. It made my skin worse. Right now, it doesn't really matter what I wash my face with anymore. I've noticed my skin has cleared up switching my make up to laura mercer tinted oil free moisturizer. Thanks MM for that recommendation!
  • It worked for me for almost 2 years. Towards the last part of the 2nd year it just didn't seem to work for me anymore. 

    I've been using Benzaclin for over a year and it's worked wonderfully until just recently. It's an Rx that I got from my primary doctor.

    I am limited to Benzoyl Peroxide products and I can't use salicylic products. I don't know if your body/skin only becomes used to Benzoyl and not Salicylic but in my experience it does happen. 

  • I do the routine from this website:

     I only buy the ben. peroxide from that website, it lasts a long time.  I use Cetaphil as well, the face wash and lotion.  As long as I'm consistent, it works really well.  If I start skipping a morning or a night here and there, I break out.

  • image Mrs.JulesH-S:
    Go to Target and buy Acne Free.  It is just like Proactiv but a lot cheaper

    This is what I use. It works well. I use just the wash, not the whole line.

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  • I was *thisclose* to going to a dermatologist about my acne recently, and decided to try proactive because I had heard so many good things about it. I started noticing improvements within 2 weeks and so far it's been working great. I've been using it for about a month now, every day, and have only gotten 1 zit in the meantime, and it's cleared up 85% of the other small acne on my face. 

    Really like the green tea moisturizer too. 

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