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Wow... This board is dead!


 I'm Nicole and my DH is Kelly, we just got married April 16th, so not even a week ago! (But I'm guessing it will be a month or so by the time anyone reads I live in Boise, but grew up in Mountain Home. Kelly and I own 2 Pugs, Maggie and her son, Clyde and we love them like our own children.

I just moved over here from The Knot, where I absolutely love my month board, April 2011. It's amazing how close you can become to girls who share something as simple as your wedding month. I would love to meet some Idaho girls!

 Is anyone else out there?! =)

 I was going to add a wedding picture on here to AW, but it looks


Re: Wow... This board is dead!

  • Congrats on your wedding Nicole and welcome to the nest site!  I used to check the Boise board all the time but there was never anyone posting so I gave up lol.  I migrated over here in June.  My name is Kelli.  My hubby, Justin, and I got married on June 19, 2010.  We live in Nampa but I'm originally from Meridian.  We just bought a house out here in November and brought home our puppy, Kane, on Valentine's Day.  Feel free to message me any time to chat!  It's nice to see I'm not the only one on here from the area!  Smile



  • Hi!
    I always forget to check here because it's so dead!
    I "know" shortgrass from the Idaho board on TK. But it'd be nice to "meet" some other girls that are married here in the area.

    I'm Danielle.  My H is Dave.  We live in Boise right now.  We got married on June 26, 2010.

     I'll try to remember to check more often! :)

  • Yay! I'm glad to see a couple people on here. =) The Nest boards are laid out a little differently than The Knot boards. I'm still in my month board on TK, but I'd like to move over here and check things out, it will just take some getting used to!

     Kelli - I love your profile pic. We'll have to try and get in contact!

     Barrelbabe - Hi!! I was wondering if you were over here.

     We should try and see if we can find more Idaho girls and have a GTG =)

  • I bounce back and forth between the two. Smile

     I agree... Let's try to get this board moving a little bit more.

  • Another Boise girl! My dh and I live in the North End.  No kids unless you count the two dogs and two cats Big Smile

     I'm a great lurker, but not much of a poster, as you can see.  I try to check this board on a regular basis, but it's hardly ever active. 

  • Hey Im Shannon. I have lived in Boise, Went to Boise high and Mountain Cove when it was open. I live in Mountain Home(my husband is af) but go out to Boise often because my mom still lives in Boise and well thats where everything is lol....look forward to meeting some new people.
  • Hi! I'm Cassie. My DH is Asa. We moved to Boise almost a year ago from SW Washington.

    I'm usually a lurker, but I'm glad to see some people here on this board.     :)

  • Hi Cassie! Where in SW Washington did you live? Is the SW considered below Tacoma? I have family throughout the Seattle area, but my favorite area is Gig Harbor. =)


    Sorry I haven't checked this recently, it's hard to remember it when it's so dead! (Okay, I went straight to this post, I didn't see if there were any other posts on the Idaho board, I should probably check that before I say We should play a game or something....

  • I lived in Chehalis. SW Washington is pretty much everything south of Olympia. Gig Harbor is beautiful!


  • Hey, Im Nicole.  My H is Jon.  We have been married almost a year now and we both grew up in the area, we now live in Nampa.  I lived in North Boise for a long time and miss it terribly. Lol
  • hey gals!  

    i'm katie and we may be a little far east, but we're in idaho nonetheless.  just moved with my husband, rob, to idaho falls from charleston, sc.  it's been a change, but i like it!  

     we got married june 18, 2011, went on honeymoon the next day and began our drive west on june 27th.  we're having a good, if not BUSY, time so far!

     hope to meet some other couples in the area.  have fun y'all!


  • Hi! My name is Michelle and I just got married to my husband Jack on July 23.  We are living in Boise and go to school together.  I dont know a lot of married couples because we are both young (I am 22 next week and he is 25) and a lot of our friends are single so I am hoping to meet some new people. Nice to meet you!
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  • Hey everyone!  My name is Heather and my H is Jason.  I thought I would check out this board because we will most likely be moving to Boise, ID from Tacoma, WA in January.  My H hopes to attend Boise State for the nursing program.  Still waiting to hear from admissions.  We just got married last month on August 12th.  I am pretty excited for the move but also nervous since I wont know anyone and I have never been to Boise!  I am a teacher and I am hoping to find work asap after the move.  I am really hoping that the schools need at least substitute teachers.  Nice to meet you all.   
  • I moved here from the Chehalis area a little more than a year ago with my husband. So far we love it out here! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we are if you do move out here!


  • ok lets try this again. I tried to post but the page crashed on me! My name is Gail my H is Doug. We got married May 21st 2011 and we have known each other since elementary school :) We do not have many married friends here in Boise or friends with kids but maybe we will meet some people on here lol. Hope this board picks up a little. I spend most of my time on the bump though but feel free to PM me if you like :)

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