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Job Searching

Hello Ladies,

I have been on here hit and miss lately, but I wanted to ask you lovely June ladies a question.  I have been watching the job market, etc, and hubby and I are trying to relocate back more towards the Midwest or at least east of Utah, where we are now.  I am a special education teacher and H is a paralegal, but he is struggling to find work out here due to the fact that Utah is a hub for paralegal certification.  Are there an influx of paralegal jobs in any of your states?  We have been trying to find something for the past year without much luck. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask! 


I hope all is well with you lovely gals and are looking forward to our 1 year anniversary! :) 

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Re: Job Searching

  • Hey there! Are you guys considering moving to Ohio (I think you have family there unless I am getting you confused with someone else), or just anywhere in the Midwest? I could look some things up for you for Ohio, but I don't really know about any other states.

    I definitely know how you guys are feeling right now, though. H and I have decided to move in a few months regardless of our job situation. Right now, I am not working and he did not get the promotion that would have allowed him to work out of the Ohio office with his current company. So, needless to say, we are both looking. And if something doesn't turn up soon, we may just both go back jobless. 

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