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New Gal in Town

Hi! Just wanted to stop in to say hello and find out if there were any other Nesties in the Tucson area. I use to frequent The Nest quite often, but due to a bunch of life changing happenings (including moving to Sahuarita!), I've not been around for quite some time.

I've only lived here a short time, and don't know a soul, where to pick up the best cup of coffee, or even what day to put the trash out! Anyone wanna help a gal out!?! ;) Maybe we can get this board moving? I'm willing to give it a go....

Re: New Gal in Town

  • Hi :)  Just moved to Tucson area too and I've only met one person so far.  I am not sure when Sahuarita does trash or anything but I still love Starbucks.  There are a couple of breakfast places I still want to try but Good Egg is good.  If you love sandwiches Beyond Bread is my fave.  I am from Illinois and I loooooved Panera but the closest Panera is a few hundred miles away.  Beyond Bread is a good replacement but a little pricey.  There are several good pizza places and of course Mexican food too :)  Have you tried Sonoran Hot dogs?  If you don't eat meat there is a vegetarian restaurant called lovin' spoonful.  I haven't tried it yet though!
  • I had no idea we had a board! I've been in Tucson about 20 years. My H and I live in midtown near the U of A :)

    Welcome to Tucson.

    I've been on the nest a long time but had no idea we had a board, for as long as I can remember it was only PHX.

    I can help answer questions for you guys if you have any :)



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  • Glad to hear that I am not the only one having this problem. I moved here a couple months ago. We just got married two weeks ago. I know exactly two people who are wives of DH's coworkers.

    I like The Good Egg, and have heard Beyond the Bread is great. I usually end up at Einsteins though. I like there coffee and bagel breakfast sandwiches. 

    We live in an apt so I have no idea when trash gets picked up. 


  • Ok, so...

    good coffee - coffee x change and dunkin donuts 

    Trash is different depending on the neighborhood you live in but you can look it up online ususally

     Try the Nimbus Brewery for a a great local micro brew

     For a fun night out, go see a Tucson Padres Ball Game.  The best tickets are only $10.50, and general admission is only $6 .  

    Gold and Stuff is another fun night out

    Sonoran Hotdogs are awesome.

    Good food... it depends what you like...

    For Mexican Food Guadalajara is the BEST (a little pricey, but worth it... it's on Kolb)  El Charro is the oldest Mexican Restaurant in the country.  It's very well priced.  It's in the downtown area, but there are others that are just as good scattered around Tucson.

    For Fast food, get  In-N-Out

    Breakfast... hmmm.... the Good Egg is ok, but really try Biscuits.  It's delicious!

    For a good outdoor pub beer garden kind of place, go to Frog n Firkin on University Blvd.  It's awesome.

     Italian food is AMAZING at Oregano's.  


    Hope this helps you out a little! 

  • Welcome!  I also live in Sahuarita.  I'm a Starbucks girl, but I also like Sertino's.  We usually have to head up to Tucson for excitement, but there are some things to do down here too.
  • I'm in Central near the U and I love Cartel Coffee and the Exchange near Bookmans.

    Have you tried Eegee's yet? :) LOOOOVE!



    My little miracle.

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  • Oh and Downtown, best food places are Lindy's on Fourth from Man vs. Food, Bison Witches has the best sandwiches and breadbowls of soup! Brooklyn Pizza is fantastic on 4th.

    Check out the bars and pubs downtown on 4th and Congress for awesome vibe and good eats :)



    My little miracle.

    Zona's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
  • Where is biscuits?


    Oregano's has the BEST pizza crust!! 

  • Congrats on the wedding :)
  • My husband and I have been married a year but both of us have been in Tucson for a while- I'd be happy to help with any Tucson area recommendations!
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