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I really need a to find one?

I need a general family practice doctor or an internist.  I've asked around and nobody seems to have a good recommendation.  I have Anthem Insurance.  Is there a good way to find one who has an excellent track record and of course is board certified?  I know I can read reviews on Angie's list and such, but is there a professional site that has more info on docs?

Oh and I know I can ask Anthem for a recommendation but they only seem to find the most local one that is covered by them.


Re: I really need a to find one?

  • Have you asked on your local board? That's how I found my obgyn.

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  • I don't like random doctor choices.  I have a few issues I need a good doctor for. 

    Would it be appropriate to ask my boss for a recommendation?  She is one person I'd trust to not just use a random person and she lives in my area.  Could it possibly be awkward to her if I ask? 

  • You can ask your boss, unless you don't want that person to know anything about your medical history.

    You can start with the insurance company & see who is in the plan. Then check with the licensing board in your state.  They will tell you if the doctor has ever been sued & lost. check the AMA's website; click the box that says Patients/ doctor finder.  Look on sites like Alice's list too.

  • I asked my boss for a dentist recommendation, I think you could ask for a doctor rec if you keep it short & sweet. (don't go into details about your issues)

    We found our FP by going to the urgent care clinic. We liked one of the doctors & mentioned we didn't have a FP. He only worked in urgent care but he recommended someone that we love.  


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  • My insurance co.'s website has doctor listings with all their school info and board certifications.  Then I go read their reviews on Angie's List.
  • Have you asked your local nest board yet? That's how I found mine. He's great.
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