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Taking a week off from exercise. How bad?

I have been doing so great with my exercise routine.  I've increased my endurance, lost weight, etc.  This week, I have only been able to work out once due to illness.  Its been a LONG time since I took an entire week off, even on vacation.  Will this really screw me up or is it no big deal?

Re: Taking a week off from exercise. How bad?

  • You will most definitley burn in exercise hell if you take a week off! You will be fine! In fact a break might make you feel better when you start again! Elite athletes take time off, it's not a big deal at all!
  • I take a full week off every 8 weeks. I usually come back stronger. Your body needs breaks. 
  • So my life won't spiral out of control, meaning, I can still fit in my jeans?


  • I also take a full week off every 2 or 3 months. I think it helps me stay on track without getting burnout and I usually miss exercise after a week!
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  • I took a week off recently and I'm back to 5 days a week this past week. No biggie.
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  • image MissyNWill:

    So my life won't spiral out of control, meaning, I can still fit in my jeans?


    Unless this week off due to illness also meant stuffing yourself full of all the junk food you could get your hands on, you should be fine.  Keep in mind that 1 lb of fat =approximately 3500 you would have had to eat that many extra calories on top of what your body needs to take in to sustain itself to gain even one pound of fat.  Try to not worry about it, and take it easy as you get back into your routine...being sick takes a lot out of you :)

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